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Steve Quarrella
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[SQ note: This has GOT to be a joke.]

Sporks Are The Eating Utensils of Satan!

Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST JESUS, I am glad to be able to reveal yet another plot in SATAN'S web of lies, deceit, and filth!

Many of us have seen them, but few have ever questioned their real purpose: the spork. It's a spoon with tines like a fork. Harmless, you might say. WRONG! Sporks are yet another tool in SATAN'S war on the GOD-FEARING followers of our lord Jesus!

Think about this: A fork is obviously masculine and a spoon is obviously feminine. Both serve a purpose. But a spork is a combination of the two. It is a invention who's secret purpose is convince people that it's "OK" to be a sexual pervert. Transexuals are those LOST souls who want to be members of both sexes. Yes, Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST JESUS, there are really people out there like that! They are filthy in the eyes of almighty GOD and have been rejected by Him.

Genesis 2:7 tells us that GOD created man. Genesis 2:22 tells us that GOD created woman. But that's it! GOD didn't create a third sex! However, the wicked spork mocks almighty GOD and CHRIST JESUS by representing a perverted combination of both the male and female combined!

We must purge the source of sin and the first step begins with each and every one of you. Here are the following establishments that give out sporks:

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Taco Bell

El Pollo Loco (some locations)

El Taco (Orange, California only)

Broasted Chicken stores

Lucky (supermarkets) Delicatessen (some locations)

Panda Express

If you are a GOD-FEARING Christian who hates SIN and loves CHRIST JESUS, then you need to join me in contacting the corporations who own these stores and let them know that you DO NOT support the promotion of transexualism.

A spork is nothing more than a dining utensil of SATAN. If you have these evil tools in your house, throw them away. Or better yet, BURN them so they will melt away. This is the same way that transexuals will BURN in Hell for choosing to challenge the will of almighty GOD!

Anyone who would stick a tool of Satan in their mouth would stick ANYTHING in there! One might as well chew a handful of dirt or drink a glass of raw sewage!

Many will doubt, but those who have a relationship with CHRIST JESUS will prevail! Praise His holy name and REJECT sporks!!!

--- * Origin: Valencia West, Carrollton, TX (1:124/9005.13)


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