Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 17:54:32 EST
Subject: polydactyl words?

Dear Cartoon Character,

I have decided to help you out.

Quite apparently I have been talking over your head.

I will be very careful with my spelling since that seems to fluster you.

I will double space, too, since that is the way they do it in grammar school.

Here in kindergarten-ese...your native the situation:

"'Simon Barsinistar- A Cartoon Character In Rhyme"

Simple Simon is not too bright,
In his head there is no light,

When this fact becomes too clear,
Simon hides his head up in his rear.

Teeny thoughts, a tiny brain,
He must be told to flee the rain.

He sweats out typos left and right,
Simple Simon's thoughts are slight.



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