Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 14:41:41 -0500
From: Steve Thompson
Subject: Another Hmmm

The woman claimed to be sound asleep 15 feet away from where her two children were abducted, and was not awakened by their joint screaming for her help. The abductor, the mother's ex-boyfriend (by three weeks) raped and murdered the 11 year old girl, and savagedly beat the boy and left him for dead in a cemetry. The extent of his brain damage has yet to be determined. The son told investigators that his mother heard their screams for help, but told him that she was afraid to interfere because she was afraid the ex-boyfriend would harm her. The foreman of the jury stated that she was not convicted or sentenced based on the testimony of her son, but rather because she misdirected the search by police for the first couple of days of the search. According to testimony, the boyfriend broke into the home and stole a VCR a week prior to this incident, and she immediately suspected him and went to the police to get her property back. When her children were abducted, she said she never suspected him of abducting her children. She was sentenced to two 23 years sentences to be served concurrently. No one voted for life (one of their options) and the 23 years was a compromise between the minimum 20 years and maximum 25 years that the jury agreed on as the perimeters of their deliberation.

Now, please explain to me where this horrific crime ties in with your clearly anti-christian bias. From my point of view, this is part and parcel of life with no accountibility and no value for human life - the nature consequence of man left to his own devices.

Steve Thompson


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