By: Fredric Rice

I reviewed the information you had on Linda Thompson and I must say that the unfortunate individual is even more insane than your web pages indicate. I find there to be much irony in the things she and her anti-America hate group does.

First and foremost the irony of a group which speaks at length about being allowed to own firearms exhibits with every statement and every lunatic criminal action that they are the _last_ group of people which should be allowed to own firearms.

Secondly, I find it highly ironic that a lawyer -- someone who uses the law -- has no respect for the law. Since her and her cult has managed to convince themselves that Federal and often State laws just don't apply to them, it's very ironic that she launches lawsuit after lawsuit in such lunatic ways.

There was a time when these unfortunate people were locked up and looked after. The civil and human rights activists and movement of the last two decades made it clear that locking them up violates their Constitutional rights. Thompson is allowed to walk the streets instead of being medicated and locked up due to the progress of the very Constitutionality she and her cult wishes to destroy.



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