Mon 30 Nov 98 3:27
I've had weirder mornings

So today I got chased by a one-legged Fundamentalist Christian.

Hummm. Talk about funny. I stepped out of the local supermarket and up to the guy soliciting money for the local cult's "Teen Challenge" indoctrination scam. I usually give the cult a five-spot, but today I droped in ten dollars (it being close to Yule). I give the cult money just so I can say "But I'm an atheist! I don't believe in the gods" when they say "God bless you!"

So I drop in the sawbuck, and the guy behind the card table says his "God bless you!" and I said my familiar line. The guy gets a panicked look on his face and says "Oh! Have I have a minute of your time!" Which he said in a desperate, save-the-lost-heathen wail. I walked away, saying "I've heard it a thousand times..."

The guy struggles out of his chair from behind the card table, wailing "Please! I just want one minute of your time!" I said (20 feet away now) that he had nothing to say that had not already been proven false. So he grabbed his crutch and started to hop after me, saying "It'll only take a minute!"

If he had not been trying to manipulate me and force me to listen to his nonsense I would have been happy to stay half the day correcting him of his beliefs. As it is I out-paced him. :-)

Life is just getting weirder and wierder.


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