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TH> ...to which again I say WHERE in the scriptures is this and
TH> most other Catholic traditions taught? It isn't. It's all
TH> based on human reasoning apart from scripture, and no
TH> Catholic here has been able as yet to substantiate these
TH> traditions with scripture.

I'll be brief. It's 1999 and you are dealing with stuff as if it was written in yesterday's Police News, or Midnight Magazine. Grasp a few facts:

Your reliance on "Scriptures"
There were No scriptures for years after the crucifixion. Years and Years passed with nothing but the oral and practical traditions of the early believers. In fact, there was nothing but good old "human interpretation" of all events.

Mark can be dated to the late 60s' (Thirty years after Jesus) What do you remember about your own life 30 years ago? Betch lots of "witnesses" would recall different traditions... about what you said and did. Some would even probably like to comment on your sanity.

Matthew and Luke from about 45 to 55 years after the time of Jesus. By the way... none of these guys ever knew Jesus personally - so they were all dependent on some human tradition and lot's of interpretation. Mark and Luke were followers of Paul - a blasphemer and persecuter of believers until he converted - ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT SCRIPTURE I might add.

You ought to read how often Paul relies on the traditions when he writes his letters - all of which precede any of the gospels!!!!

Tradition is all that Paul has to base himself on.... Read him carefully and for God's sake, have a little humility. People have been passing this stuff on like Paul for almost 2000 years. Every now and then, someone like you pops up... (like an Arius, Pelagius etc.) and makes outrageous demands which diminish the power of the Holy Spirit and the promises of Jesus.

You can't find something in scripture, therefore it was never intended? Can you locate the Jesus seminar? After they reduce scripture to what they thing Jesus said and did, there's nothing left. At least nothing that can be identified in the Creed.

Get along with you now. You aren't the first reductionist and you won't be the last. You better check your parent's story about your birth carefully - after all, it could all be cooked up - nothing was written until days after you were born...


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