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From elrond@cgo.wave.ca Thu Jul 22 15:35:57 1999
Subject: PICKET REPORT: Toronto Stages a Stats Watching Picket.
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 18:35:57 -0400

Toronto, Ontario.
July 22, 1999.

As I had mentioned in my last Post ( re Momma Miscavige and the PhoneCaller from Doom) some tactics in handling the Co$ are a little out of my league and , I thought, not my style.

Well, I have screwed up royally I am afraid.

Last picket I audiotaped my run-in with Andy Hill and yes, he was aware I was taping. Well amongst the gems and pearls dropped by Andy were such revelations as: the 7 closed Orgs in Ontario (by 1995) "were all small to begin with";... There were "at least 600 maybe even 700" Co$hacks, hangers on, staff and gawkers at a Co$ event in the Megalopolis of Toronto [pop 4 million +];... I am "a psychopathic criminal" who "harms scientologists" [nice libels Andy and on the street, on tape too!];... Co$ has to pay for a Cop because the "picketers were violent" (If true then why are not the picketers required to pay $400+ each picket?)... Harassing the Ottawa branch of my family was done by "Dept 20 (which) is the part of the Church which deals with SPs like you" [Thats Al's Dept isn't it? And hasn't the harassment been by both Ramsay and Al? Thanks for confirming the direct responsiblity for all of these despicable acts as being at Al Buttnors door! Just what was the "Handling of SPs" formerly named? Can you spell Fair Game Andy? ];...and other verbal gaffs by Andy sHill.

The mistake I have drifted into tho' was *how* I got Andy to spew so revealingly: I bullbaited him. This was wrong of me and in retrospect, very distasteful to me to *beat them at their own game*.

I played back the tapes I had made of the first pickets and there was a vast difference between the calm dignity of Artemis, D'Artangnan and Elrond verbal responses to the Co$hacks then and my responses now.

I have begun sounding like *them*!

So to get back in the 'original swing of things' I thought I would do a 'guerilla' picket today, stats day and near to stats time.

The purpose of this short Picket for me was to accomplish several things. First to show the TO Org I was not backing off. Second because the TO Org has no body routers during the week this was a chance for me to regain the perspective and attitude I used to have at pickets, but had drifted away from. Third was to show the weekday staff how 'at cause' we SPs were over the mighty OTs. Fourth, to observe the staff as Stats time came and went and lastly to see how many were on course.

GypsyBlue volunteered to be my second and help me go back to flyering as *me* and not as a shadow in *any manner* of the Co$.

[ I called 52 Division in the morning to let them know we would be there for an hour or so and when.]

I am delighted to say: with the impetus of a spontaneous remark by an absolute stranger before the picket, and Gypsyblues support, - I regained my perspective and lost all trace of bitterness and rancour in my posture, tone and attitude. {grin} I plan now to return to the old standard of ^not^ verbally interacting with the Co$ ***at all***, if possible.

GypsyBlue and I spent a little over one hour, from just after 1 to a little after 2, flyering with the RXspecial.

We both did fairly well on very light traffic in a hot afternoon. ( Actually GypsyBlue still did 2 for each one of mine.)

However one or the other of us or both a the same time, hit upon the tactic of *never* mentioning the word 'Church' and rarely "Scientology". Instead we offered."The Cult of Greed and Power does ^not^ want you to see this. or The Cult is afraid of this. or This is the Cults 3 hundred thousand dollar secret, for free. -- The Cult ^hates^ whats on this flyer! There is no Science in the Criminal Cult of Scientology!" Etc.

----And the flyers were snatched by passersby!

We had done about 75 altogether after 45 minutes. Then we went to the "cult" pharseology and did another 100 on the same level of traffic, in the last 15 minutes. Total flyers were close to 175. [GB did 100 at least.]

There were only three lost souls who came out of the Course room for a break. One smoker and two non. They all gulped down soft drinks. It must be very hot in the non-airconditioned deadbeat TO Org.

This Org is truely d e a d b e a t. The staff moral is the pits, [SO shuffle along the sidewalk looking morosely at their feet] the view of the public is generally disrespectful, and the building is in major disrepair. Co$ should close this deadweight eyesore down. Just have a PO box with 25,0000 BTs stuffed in it.

All in all a very satisfying expedition.
Special thanks to GypsyBlue.


Refreshed and Re-invigorated, --
Gregg Hagglund SP5

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