Hate mongers are often motivated by greed. Here is a hate monger who tries to equate homosexuality with child molesters and groups like NAMBLA, doing so without any ethical qualms whatsoever.

The following is what German Nazis said about Jews in Europe and what racists bigots said about blacks and Jews in the United States. The claim that there are groups of dangerous criminals trying to acquire special rights which the fundamentalist Christian doesn't enjoy foments resentment at non-existant enemies and, of course, there is the many appeals for tax-free money to "fight this evil."

Why is it no Christian ever seems to recognize how easilly they're manipulated by their petty hatreds and bigotries?


Here's a post from a friend who keeps an eye on the enemy. Did you want me to pick it apart? It is littered with untruths that would go so well on a page about how Christians lie in deliberate politicking...

Note how many times it asks someone to sign the Morality Pledge (read: petition Congress postcard campaign) and send in ca$h.

Also, send it on to the fellow Tankers to read. :)

Rod "I'm just itching to critique this one!" Swift :)

FEEDBACK From: danny@queernet.queernet.org

I'm sending a transcript of mail I received from Christian Voice today.

It's mainly a "gays are a threat to children" propaganda piece designed to scare "God-fearing Christians" into handing over their cash, but also includes a card asking Congress to vote against ENDA.

While it's very likely that this card is a fake that Christian Voice has no intention of sending (they just want the money), It reinforces our need to contact our Representatives in support of HR 1858... & it would help our cause greatly to send letters via mail. E-mail & fax are wonderful, but letters received via old-fashioned snail-mail can play a large part in swaying our legislators.

By the way, you'll notice that Dr. Grant sent a Postage Paid Priority Envelope with his mailing, he only mentions it... oh... I'll let you count for yourself how many times! ~:)

- Danny (danny@QueerNet.ORG)

Christian Voice
Dr. Robert Grant, Chairman
P.O. Box 97058
Washington, DC 20090
(703) 548-1421


I've sent you this Postage Paid Priority Envelope because I need your help. Please, my friend, before you do anything else, rush your American Morality Petition back to me in this Priority Envelope.

You and I don't have even a moment to spare.

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and their militant Homosexual colleagues are joining together in one of the most evil and vile movements I've ever seen in Washington.

And, my friend, if you and I don't fight back, they will win.

That's why I've sent you this Postage Paid Priority Envelope. And that's why I need your American Morality Petition right away.

As I write to you, Capitol Hill is bracing for a huge battle. NAMBLA and the Militant Homosexual Lobby vs. You and Me and Christians all across America. And, my friend, our children are at risk.

Please, before you do anything else, sign your American Morality Petition and rush it back to me. I've enclosed a Postage Paid Priority Envelope for your convenience.

I absolutely need your American Morality Petition back right away.

My friend, the NAMBLA and the other organizations in the Radical Homosexual Lobby are ready to move. They've come up with a new way to force their demented agenda into United States Law.

I've always been wary of the Homosexual Agenda. I've always known they were dangerous. For the first time, I'm afraid. And you should be afraid, too. Because the Homosexuals have figured out a way to get "special rights" without passing special legislation.

Their plan?

It's ingenious, my friend. It's a plan that has me terrified.

Confessed Homosexual Congressman Barney Frank has joined together with over 100 other Congressman to introduce H.R. 1858. And, I must tell you that HR 1858 is the most dangerous piece of legislation to ever come out of Washington. Simply put, HR 1858 will amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to give special rights to Homosexuals.

You read that right...

If HR 1858 passes, Churches, daycare centers, nursing homes, schools... every organization in America (including Christian Voice) will be forced to hire Radical Homosexuals.

Note how the hate monger mysteriously failed to enumerate just what these "special rights" are? They always manage to "forget" that little detail. - flr

And that's not the worst of it, my friend.

Because HR 1858 will allow homosexual child molesters to get jobs as teachers, coaches, and doctors... Making our children constant prey for NAMBLA and their followers.

My friend, Barney Frank will tell you that HR 1858 is just a "Civil Rights bill." Don't believe him for one minute. If HR 1858 passes, our children will never again be safe to play outside.

If HR 1858 passes, Homosexuals will have special rights that no American has. I am so worried about HR 1858 that I included a Postage Paid Priority Envelope so you can rush your American Morality Petition right back to me.

The postage for this Priority Envelope was expensive. And it was a great risk to send it to you. It was a necessary risk. Because I absolute need your American Morality Petition right away.

My friend, please, don't wait until tomorrow or the next day...

Sign your American Morality Petition and rush it back to me by Priority Envelope.

And I need another crucial favor.

Would you please send Christian Voice a one-time contribution of $500 or $1,000?

Please rush your urgent contribution back with your American Morality Petition.

I need your gift to contact Christian Voters all across America. Together we can stop HR 1858.

So will you please rush your American Morality Petition right back to me with your urgent contribution of $500 or $1,000.

My friend, if that's too much money, I still count on you. And I ask you, if $500 or $1,000 is just too great a sacrifice right now, please send $100 or $250. As I enlist thousands of Christians in this battle to stop HR 1858, I need your help.

I just can't do it without you. So, please, dig deep and send an urgent contribution of $100 or $250.

Now, I know that for many decent, generous people, even $100 is too great a sacrifice right now.

If you can't send $100, please send $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford.

By coming together all across America, we can stop HR 1858 once and for all. And I absolutely need your help.

This fight is for more than just you and me. It is a fight for our children and our grandchildren. A fight for our very Nation under God. And this letter is a call to arms. I will not meet my Maker and say I stood by and did nothing.

Please, join me.

Dr. Robert G. Grant

P.S. I've rushed you this Postage Paid Priority Envelope because I need your help. If HR 1858 passes, our children will never again be safe. If HR 1858 passes, your doctor, your Church, your children's school will be forced to hire practicing Homosexuals - including the sick followers of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). My friend, please use this Postage Paid Priority Envelope to rush your American Morality Petition right back to me. And, please, enclose your most generous contribution. It's our kids we're fighting for.


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