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Subject: Dan Viggo Bergtun - a Scientologist
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 00:20:53 GMT

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heldal@online.no (Andreas Heldal-Lund - www.xenu.net)

The liar that sent in his "success story" about convincing the Norwegian Defense Minister about Scientology, Dan Viggo Bergtun, now got his "I don't think For Myself" page on the 'net:


You all remember him in the cult "newspaper" Good News sitting together with the Norwegian minister. The article told the fantastic story about the minister praising Hubbard and the book "The Way to Happiness".


But when I contacted the Norwegian Defense Department I was told that this was all lies. Even the quoted letter from the Defense Minister, as quoted by Good News, wasn't real. The Defense Minister had been given the book, but had never read it. "I don't like this church" he said to the media the day after. Full story here:


In the German magazine Focus hr. Bergtun appears in the September issue 1997. Someone calling themselves The "Oslo International Peace Committee" are sending letters to German companies wanting to know whether the companies refuse to do business with Scientologists or support anti-Scientology measures.


The "Oslo International Peace Committee" claim they are concerned about "human rights" and "social peace and stability" in Germany and reveal nothing about they fronting for Scientology. In the letter Bergtun even claims to be "holder of the peace nobel price medal". The Nobel Institute in Oslo replies to this calling it "Bullshit!.

A prime example of a Scientologist. And check out his favorite Hubbard quote: "Never compromise with your own reality." Sure can trust these Scientologist, they sure have a good grasp on reality...

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