Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 07:57:52 EDT
Subject: Verbal salad


Here is a semi-wild-eyed rant that a Mr. Wiggins left on the Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Debate Board on the subject of "Do you think homosexuals can be cured and if so is it ethical?" It was left in a public forum so this is not a private communication. I forward it, as an example of the mental status of so many Christians. He is talking in "verbal salad mode" and rambles almost incoherently.... I've included the URL to R&E Newsweekly so that you may follow the debate....the board is set up in a very irritating fashion that makes it inconvenient to read a whole thread but its just inconvenient...not forbidding.

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: Feedback

I 'm thinking that Rod might be particularly interested in taking the time to check out this site and this one debate question, if no others.


Date posted: Mon Sep 28 0:22:42 US/Eastern 1998


Every ASS likes to hear him/herself Bray! There are two schools of thought on Homosexuality. Neither one matters to me. The theory that would most impress the Godless Reprobates would be the (APA) American Psychological ASSociation, Bryan Welch, JD, PH.D His theory( & thats all it is.)" Innate Quality." How come you Atheists don't give both sides of your arguments? The scriptures will tell us. Even as they did not like to retain God in their Knowledge, God gave them up to a base mind. Backbiters, haters of God --Asv Slanderers, hated of God--Alf Stabbers-in-the-back, God haters--Phi Defamers, loathed by God--Mof There is Hope for every body, it doesn't matter who you are or what the problem is, God will help you. Ma. 11.28-30. I believe a person can be healed of Homo-sexual acts. When I have sufficent prove of this I will confront those who deny that Christ nor God can Heal them.There will be more on this matter. I HEAR THEIR CRIES! JESUS, Whatever the question, He is the Answer. Jn 14.6 Whatever the problem, He is the Solution. Ma 11.28, 29Whatever the hurt, He is the Healer. Luke 4.18 Whatever the bondage, He is the Liberator. Jn 8.32 Whatever the burden, He is the Overcomer Jn 16.33 Whatever the need, He is the Supplier. Ma 7. 7,8 Whatever the sin, He is the Forgiver. Ps 103. 2,3


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