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Subject: Scientology totally capitulates in libel case !!
From: "Alan C. Walter"
Date: 8 Jun 1999 12:07:34 -0400

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News as of 8 June 1999:

Today in the High Court, Scientology totally capitulated in the libel case brought by ex-member Bonnie Woods, settling for the following conditions:

A profuse apology was read out in open court by Scientology's counsel, officially acknowledging that hurtful statements made about Bonnie were untrue. "Substantial damages", apparently in six figures, have been paid to Bonnie from Scientology's account. Bonnie's bankrupcy is now discharged, so she gets to keep all the money.

Scientology has accepted an injunction which prevents them from repeating the libels. If they mount another hate campaign against Bonnie, they face prison and large financial penalties.

This represents a complete victory for Bonnie Woods in a case was has been going for six years. Informal estimates are that Scientology has spent 5 million fighting the case. Three counter-claims brought by Scientology were dismissed with prejudice last year.

This result is thanks to Bonnie's pro bono representation by the major City law firm Allen and Overy.

The publication of the allegations to her friends and neighbours in the local community was deeply distressing to Mrs Woods. In order to clear her name, in December 1993 Mrs Woods sued Church of Scientology Religious Education College Incorporated and the individual members who had published the leaflet for libel.

The Defendants have now acknowledge that the allegations about Mrs Woods were untrue. They are here by their Counsel today to withdraw them and to apologise to the Plaintiff. They have agreed to pay Mrs Woods a substantial amount of money in respect of her claim for damages for libel, and to undertake to the Court that they will no longer make these untrue accusations against her.

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