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XENU TV details of Enturbulation
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 08:29:38 GMT

I told the story of XENU TV's trip to "The General's Daughter" premiere on IRC. The folks there gave me permission to post the log of the chat so I don't have to retype it all again.

Hope you enjoy:

<benwog> anyone care to hear about my evening?
<benwog> it was festive
<gypsyblue> Sure benwog, I do.
<benwog> well...
<Elvis^> benwog: ok, but no long discussions of boating safety. it's late.
<benwog> I attended the world premiere of Travolta's new film "The
<benwog> XENU TV covered the whole event
<gypsyblue> totally cool!!!
<benwog> I brought along XENU himself
<benwog> and Zinjifar
<gypsyblue> I'm a huge fan of XENU TV.
<benwog> thank you gypsy
<benwog> much enturbulation ensued
<gypsyblue> I've been meaning to say "thanks" for such an excellent site.
<benwog> we haven't even started yet
<gypsyblue> It sounds like you guys had a great time.
* Elvis^ wishes his sound worked. he doesn't get the full benefit of xenu-TV
from just the pictures.
<gypsyblue> Any good details?
<benwog> I will be putting the story together tonight and hope to have it
<Elvis^> benwog: tease.
<benwog> I was stationed by the red carpet
<benwog> Xenu was across the street
<gypsyblue> how did you manage that?  wasn't there tight security?
<benwog> There were two areas by the carpet
<benwog> One was for the press
<Elvis^> gypsyblue: no! don't interrupt him. we want to let him get to
Travolta's arrival before we pester him.
<benwog> the other a few feet away was for fans
<gypsyblue> sorry Elvis...I will be quiet now.
<benwog> Zinj had Don NOTS' huge sign from the birthday picket
<benwog> Zinj had the sign about ten people behind me in line
<benwog> a little further away from the front door
<benwog> The stars made thier way past the press and then came over by my
area to sign autographs and chat with the fans
<benwog> James Woods was cool
<benwog> I told him about Xenu in a very brief way
<benwog> Told him to ask John about Xenu
<gypsyblue> oh wow!
<benwog> James Cromwell was alerted that he was on XENU TV
<gypsyblue> you are my hero :)
<benwog> We saw Madeline Stowe and a few others.
* Elvis^ knows who James Woods is, but not James Cromwell
<benwog> Cromwell...Babe
<gypsyblue> the owner of "babe"...pig
<Elvis^> ah.
<benwog> Director Michael Bay from Armeggedon
<benwog> everyone got a good look at the sign
<benwog> Finally...Travolta's moving down the line...
<use> what did the sign say?
<benwog> "L Ron Hubbard is Dead but his Fraud continues"
<benwog> other side...
<benwog> "Scientology: Threat to democracy"
<gypsyblue> thems fightin' words LOLOL
<benwog> travoltas coming close
<benwog> we see him near.
<benwog> the crowd is buzzing
<benwog> there's Terl
<benwog> Goatee and all
<benwog> The last interview
<benwog> "John John!
<benwog> "JOHN!"
<benwog> He waves, turns away... and enters through the back door
<benwog> The crowd goes nuts
<benwog> The security guy comes over and says "John would have come over
here except for one thing..."
<benwog> "That sign"
<benwog> The crowd in enraged!
<benwog> They turn on Zinj
<benwog> BOO!
<benwog> BASTARD!
<benwog> sensing the mood, I join in
<benwog> "Yeah, ya bastard!"
* use applauds the mucho enturbulation :)
<gypsyblue> HAHAHA
<benwog> "Ya ruined the whole thing!!"
<benwog> People are so pissed
<benwog> One girl explains she had come all the way from Montana I believe
<benwog> just to see John
<benwog> Well...
<benwog> now the stars are in, we feel we've done our work so I pop for a
* gypsyblue stands and tosses a rose
<benwog> We relax and share our anecdotes
<gypsyblue> Did you get any good footage?
<benwog> Yes, I got some decent footage
<benwog> I think it will be a fun piece
* Elvis^ senses the impending appearance of either OSA or Travolta's
<benwog> Then as we head back to the car we realize that the film should be
about over
<benwog> So we go back to the theater
<use> oh no!....more enturbulation.....disgusting!
<benwog> The crowd is waiting for the stars to exit
<benwog> As I arrive, the security guy is telling the people that John will
come out and sign their photos and such
<benwog> We need to wait in a certain area and he will be there
<benwog> so that was the area I waited in
<benwog> Zinj is now across the street with the sign
<benwog> The hostile crowd spies him and mob rule is setting in
<benwog> "John won't come out if he's here!"
<benwog> "What will we do?"
<benwog> I say "Let me talk to him"
* Elvis^ suppresses a snicker.
<benwog> I cross the street and loudly shout at him "Get OUTTA HERE!  YA
<benwog> I chase him away....
<benwog> I come back the hero
* use is aghast that an SP would attack another SP in public
<benwog> "How'd you get him to leave?" they ask.
<gypsyblue> I am *loving* this story....
<benwog> "I told the guy to beat it" I say
<benwog> "That's all?"  They exclaim.
* Elvis^ can't wait for the personal thanks from Travolta.
<benwog> "Geez...that guy was a real pussy" One says
<benwog> I agree
<gypsyblue> poor zinji
<benwog> The stars pour out
<benwog> Here come the nice guys again
<benwog> More autographs from Woods, Cromwell, et al
<benwog> Where's John.................................?
<benwog> The security guy comes back to tell the crowd "He won't come out
because of the camera"
<benwog> What?!?!?!?!
<benwog> That coward!!!!!
<benwog> The crowd now turns on me
<benwog> I generously offer to leave
<benwog> I tell the security guy "I will leave if John will come out out to
talk to his fans.  I don't want to disappoint them."
<benwog> I really wanted to hear the security guy say that John refuses
<benwog> but I would have left to give the fans a break
<benwog> The guy says he already left through the back because of me
<benwog> So with a few parting "YOU SUCK"s from the crowd, we
packed up andleft
<benwog> that's it
<gypsyblue> great story...sounds like so much fun.
<Elvis^> aw. that's a good story. I was hoping for a gracious Travolta
granting an interview and XenuTV getting the scoop, but that's still a
good story.
<benwog> Yes, I was hoping to inroduce Terl to Xenu
<benwog> We did have fun
<gypsyblue> nothing like quality enturbulation time, I always say.
<gypsyblue> But really, very impressive work you guys did...thanks alot :))
<benwog> There was plenty of press there.  We're hoping someone
inserts a shot of Xenu into their story
<benwog> Zinj will be writing up a report as well
<benwog> Well, I don't think I can type all of this again
<benwog> Would you guys mind If I post this log to ars?
<thadd> I'm in awe, benwog...that's amazing
<thadd> way to go
<gypsyblue> No, not at all....go right ahead.
<benwog> thanks all
<thadd> please post it
<benwog> Okay
<gypsyblue> Thank *you*, ben....you did a superlative job.
<Elvis^> I have no objection to a log of this going to ars.

Look for the video soon

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