Date: Wed Apr 23 22:23:08 1997
To:   Ralph Dettwiler <rdett@iserv.net>
From: Fredric L. Rice <frice@raids.org>
Re:   Your site

Fredric Rice
fr> What a strange request. If the Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan
fr> visited any of my web pages I wonder if either of them would then
fr> send an invitation to visit their web pages.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> I am sorry that this seems like such a strange request. As a Christian
dt> I am not to judge you or hate you for your views. I invite you to come
dt> look at my site with an open mind. I just want you to know that God
dt> loves you no matter what has happened in the past.

Fredric Rice
How silly. You probably are unware of the history of the Christian cult -- just as you are probably unaware that there is no evidence for the existance of gods or goddesses -- leave alone your master's particular pantheon.

If you would like some help learning the origins of the Christian mythologies as well as the history of the cult, there are several references on my shelf which I would be quite happy to forward to you. I know that most Christian are not allowed to learn the origins of their master's gods and mythologies yet it doesn't take much effort to learn; all it takes is the willingness to learn.

fr> But in actuality everyone who lives dies -- belief in deity
fr> constructs can't do anything to avoid that uncomfortable, undeniable
fr> fact.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> Death does not have to be the end, it can be a great beginning
dt> if you love God and accept Jesus Christ as your savior.

Fredric Rice
How silly. Have any evidence for those gods of yours? Any at all? Trying to contrive deity constructs to pretend to avoid an unavoidable eventuality is something children might do, not adults.

Learn to live on your two feet like a man, now bowing down to idols like a slave. Learn to die with dignity like a man, not trembeling on your belly in fear like a slave.

Death is the natural result of life. You shouldn't fear it. You most certainly shouldn't set aside your cognative reasoning ability just to try to close your eyes and shove your head in the sand to avoid it.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-
dt> edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints
dt> and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."
dt> Hebrews 4:12
dt> "There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my
dt> words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day."
dt> John 12:48

Fredric Rice
Quoting contradictory and unscientific mythologies like a busted shitpipe is probably contraindicated. You might just as well quote a Wonder Woman comic book and be done with it.

What's worse is that you quote a book of mythologies which is unethical and evil to the extreme. Numbers 31:17-18. Murder the non-virgins then keep kidnap the surviving virgin females for long nights of rape: It's demanded by the gods, after all, and so justified.

fr> Mithra died for everyone 380 years before the Jesus did.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> Only Jesus can free you from your sins and give you eternal life.

Fredric Rice
Mithra did it 380 years before your gods. Lord Krishna did it at least 400 years before the Jesus mythos. In fact, there were many previous gods and goddesses dying for the "sins" of humanity before Paul/Saul created the cult.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> I am praying for you.

Fredric Rice
After which, I suppose, you'll follow the traditional methodology when that fails... how many die this time?

You may think at me all you wish. Your occult juju magic curses are destined to fail, however: Anything short of blunt head trama is not going to retard my cognative abilities any.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> I hope that you will come visit my site and just look around.

Fredric Rice
I get such requests from the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations. If you had evidence for your deity constructs, you would have presented it by now.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> You have nothing to fear, my site will not brain wash you or
dt> anything.

Fredric Rice
<rofl!> Let me assure you that myself and everyone else here on staff have years of experience observing the cultists among us. Nothing you say or do can surprise any of us. In fact, you might think about checking into the HolySmoke echo so you can observe the types of rabid fundamentalist brothers and sisters of yours that you must contend with. In order to rise above their level of rabidity, you would have to murder someone.

You're nothing unique, I can assure you. Your type flow through HolySmoke like the tide, every one of you thinking you're somehow different than the rest, totally oblivious to the ranting lunatic shrill screech that you all eventually become when occult, superstitious wishful thinking isn't enough to get reasoning, educated men and women to believe nonsense.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> God will only accept you if you give your heart to Him freely.

Fredric Rice
Have any evidence for these deity constructs of yours? Any at all? As for handing over badly-needed organs, I observe the results of your own donation of the brain and don't quite wish to emulate you.

Ralph Dettwiler
dt> All I can do is pray that you will see the light. I hope you find
dt> what you are searching for.

Fredric Rice
Your Christian curse is doomed to failure. Only the ignorant who believe in curses can be "harmed" by them. As for what I'm searching for, that's quite easilly come by. A trip to the local library usually is enough, in fact.

Might I suggest you download and review the Walk Away package that's available here? It certainly sounds as if you're desperately looking for a way to escape your misery.

No one need know. Don't tell your masters!


It's a big step, obviously, yet you'll be happier once you start educating yourself. I'll be here to help once you start walking away.

Let me help, won't you?


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