From: James Bonsall <bonsallj@ameritech.net>
To: frice@raids.org
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 00:30:19 -0400

Hello! My name is James. It's good to hear from you in Holysmoke. I have great respect for someone as strong in their opinions as you are. But I have a question for you. It regards your article on what a true Christian is. You said that the definition of a true Christian changes with time. I would like to argue with you that it does not. I am a Christian, I will come out and say it now, and I do not wish to trick you into thinking I am not. A true Christian is one who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ; that He is God's Son and was sent from heaven to die for us. It is important for a Christian to live their life for Christ, for He inhabits your life when you seek His forgiveness. It's really an amazing thing and it is painful to see you bashing it. I just wondered if you had ever checked out what Christianity is. Trusting Christ with my life is the most awesome and incredible thing that I have done and it has made me the happiest I have been.

I can most easily identify you if you are turned off by religious people. Religion and Christianity are two separate things. Religion is a long to do list to impress God. Christianity is realizing that you can't impress God past accepting Him into your life. Jesus lived a perfect life and died a death penalty so we can meet His Father, God. The 'to do' list is now 'done'; we know we can never be like Christ, but we don't stop trying. A true Christian has a reverence for God and seeks His will; it is not something that would be any different if I were Asian or if Ross Perot was president. You might want to give it a chance! God loves you. It is extremely exciting.

Thanks for listening! - James


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