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Fri, 14 Jan 2000 21:24:07 GMT
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Fredric Rice's most recent postings concerning Scientology are a reflection of his mindset as an anti-religionist, atheist, hater of religions in general, and a member of the "skeptics" movement.

Fredric Rice was never active in Scientology in any capacity. He has not had any contact with Scientology Churches and never ever took part in any of the Church's activities. He has no knowledge of the Church of Scientology, its teachings and catechism; yet he has overstepped the constitutional boundries of free expression by openly advocating violence against adherents of the religions he hates:

a) On July 29, 1999 he exhorted Bob Minton to exercise less restraint. Minton has twice been arrested for assaulting Scientologists and has shot at Scientologists in his neighborhood with a shotgun. Rice wrote about Minton: "I would hope he kills the criminals rather than exhibit the restraint and understanding he has so far. I will reload for him any time."

b) Rice posted a call on the Internet for private, personal information about a Los Angeles attorney, specifically asking for the name of his wife and that "if he has or had any daughters, I need to know what their names are."

Fredric Rice does not confine his anti-religious sentiments to Scientology. In his own words, "Christianity is founded upon resentment and fear, gullibility, wishful thinking, indoctrination and greed." He refers to Christianity as a "historically evil cult" and talks about Chritianity's "shoddy ethics" and "immmoral nature." He states that he "learned the history of the Christian cult in High School" and calls Christian doctrine "unworthy of respect, let alone worship." He continues by claiming that the Jewish Talmud and Toldoth, as well as the Islamic Koran "were no better."

On his website he proclaims that he found that Nazism and Christianity were "virtually indistinguishable. They both have their prophet, Christ and Hitler. They both have their scapegoats -- homosexuals and the jews.... They both preach hatred of a minority" ... "Sieg Heil." [FLR: I haven't managed to find the text the Church of Scientology is quoting here. It looks like the cult made this one up. The closest I could find is Hitler and Christianity though I don't think that's the right one.]

Rice cynically refers to himself an "ordained reverend,... ordained by the Universal Life Church" (ULC). Should this ring strange to anyone, here is more about the ULC (quoted from its web page): "The Universal Life Church has no traditional doctrine... Each individual has the privilege and the responsibility to determine what is right for them -- as long as it does not impinge upon the rights of others... We are active advocates and staunch defenders of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America..." Wouldn't it behoove him at least stick to the rules of this church?

Cooler heads should prevail, don't you think?


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