Tue 20 Oct 98 12:45

I thought it best to move this particular reply into the HOLYSMOKE echo, out of EVOLUTION.

>>KK> I have no idea what the "Mormon terrorists" were saying,

>DR> The harassers insisted that elephants roamed North America
>DR> with the Egyptians that lived here used them as draft animals.

Marty Leipzig:
ML> Egads. And I only tackled the "elephants" part.

David Rice:
Herr Joseph Smith had a nasty habit of manufacturing ancient Egyptian artifacts for sale. At the time no one could read the real ones, so he felt free to scribble nonsense images on his product. He did, though, purchase a real Egyptian artifact and presented it as being found in North America. He "translated" it and revealed that it was a history of some king or something (in North America). When it was finally properly translated it was found to be a sales receipt for some property in Egypt.

Joseph Smith seems like a L. Ron Hubbard twin.

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