From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@raids.org>
To: Rev David Rice <shydavid@ktb.net>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 21:54:27 -0700
Subject: The Resurrection of Osiris

At 00:18 7/25/98 -0700, Rev David Rice wrote:

>>>>sd> The fact that there is no evidence that Jesus "rose
>>>>sd> from the dead" makes it clear that such a belief is
>>>>sd> at best suspect, and at worse insane.

gw>>>> How is it possible that you could have so little knowledge of
gw>>>> the Bible as to make a comment like this?

>>dr> My knowledge of "the" Bible is considerable.

fr> Ha! A challange! Okay, mister David "know-it-all" Rice.
fr> Let's just test that superior knowledge of the Christian mythologies.
fr> Let's just see how big your disk is!

fr> Okay, now tell me, who did Judas die? Don't bother looking it
fr> up, just tell me how Judas died. <snicker>

dr> Er, without looking?

Yes, looking it up would be cheating since we're testing your knowledge of the Christian mythologies, not your ability to look something up. }:-}

Yes, I know, you didn't expect a test today. }:-}

dr> "Judas" died from hanging.

That's true.

dr> He also died from "splitting asunder" while standing in a field.

Right again! Two for two! And the final jeopardy round?

dr> (Yes, he died twice: but then, the Bible
dr> says Goliath was killed THREE TIMES.)

<-ding-> <-ding-> <-ding> You win! Amazing! You must be OT8 or better!

dr> Did I win a cookie?

You win a Gideon Bible. I do hope you enjoy yourself with it. You'll notice the gilt edge and the crinkley paper. That means that everything inside is undeniably true. They couldn't use that crinkley paper or the gilt edge if it wasn't true.

dr> I write "Judas" because the "Judas" in the
dr> myth is symbolic of the entire Jewish people.

I wonder how many believers ever twigg to that fact.


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