Mr. Hovind,

Regarding your $250,000 offer for proof of evolution; I am willing to do better than that. If you can offer proof of the existence of your god then I will willingly, and immediately upon proof, deliver myself into his judgment. I would be pleased to meet you in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on a day of your choice. I will have in my possession sufficient means to bring about my swift death, and I assure you that I will pose no risk to yourself or any innocent bystanders.

I will attempt to post this notice on various websites dealing with the creation/evolution controversy, as I am sure that there would be many interested parties on both sides. Once this has been accepted for posting on any website I will inform you of the URL where it may be found. Of course, feel free to post this on your site.

Please contact me at this e-mail address so that we may work out the details. I await your reply.


David Bailey


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