Scientology Crime Syndicate

picket report / transcript, San Francisco, 1/15/2000
Kristi Wachter <humanrights@racerrecords.com>
23 Jan 2000

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Date: Saturday, January 15, 2000
Start and End Times: 12:00 - 2:00 pm
Location: San Francisco
Picketers: Kristi Wachter, Peaches, Phil (and Charlie dropped by to say hi)
Handlers: Jeff Quiros and Mr. Nancy
Weather: cloudy, but no rain, despite forecasts
Number of Handouts given away: oops - I don't know. Over 100.


Familiar faces seen:

Jeff Quiros

Familiar faces not present during this picket:

Movie Star
Miss Pixie
Mr. Lady-I-Work-Here
Mr. Get-Your-Facts-Straight
Burly Guy

new cast members:

Lucretia, a tall, stern-looking Scientologist who, in the past, has deliberately tried to bump into Peaches more than once (or did she actually succeed, Peach?)

Mr. Nancy, a Scientologist who says he has done drug education work in schools (so I nicknamed him after Nancy Reagan)

My nicknames are, of course, purely to help readers identify those Scientolo- gists we encounter regularly during pickets. Any Scientologist who would like me to use a different nickname - or real name - is welcome to let me know.


I haven't transcribed a picket tape in a while, and there was some interesting stuff during this one, so I thought I'd go ahead and transcribe this one. Please note that I only listened to my tape a couple of times, so there ARE still some errors and omissions in the following transcription. However, I believe whatever inaccuracies I've left in are unimportant. Hopefully, some- day, I'll send the tapes off to XenuTV, and you'll be able to hear exactly how things went for yourself. (... Does anyone know whether there's any transcrip- tion software that would work well on a tape like this, with a lot of different voices and a bunch of ambient noise?)

[Descriptive text is set off in square brackets, like this. Passersby are called P1, P2, P3, and so on.]

<Picket patter, such as offering people fliers, is set off in angled brackets, like this, to emphasize that it wasn't part of a conversation. It's often intermingled with regular conversations with passersby - even when I'm chat- ting, I keep an eye out for potential flier recipients. Since the tape recorder stays with me, nearly all of the picket patter below is mine, but that cer- tainly doesn't mean that Peaches and Phil weren't keeping up their own picket patter and fliering. They did an excellent job distributing information; I just didn't catch most of it on my recording. Peaches had a new line: she occasion- ally said "Dangerous cult!" as passersby passed by or took fliers.>


[*** The pre-picket picket *** ]

[As with previous pickets, I telephoned the police to let them know we'd be picketing today. Unlike previous pickets, I decided to try out a new standard phrase - I borrowed Arnie's "It's worse than you think" in place of my usual "I think Scientology's hurting people and breaking the law. Would you like to know more?" I still like my usual phrase a lot, but it IS quite long. It's much eas- ier for people to deal with 5 syllables than 22.]

[As usual, I was late. However, I had a very productive pre-picket picket: I gave out at ten fliers in the first block. The new phrase was really effective. I also got honked at by a fire engine, with the fireman waving and giving me thumbs up - that's the first time THAT's happened to me!]

[I had lots of trouble with my flier holder on this picket, and I had to keep stopping and readjusting it. It's probably going to fall apart after another use or two. I really put it through a lot - I carry a lot of fliers, and I give a lot away.]


[The following is a verbal note to myself - I sometimes talk into my tape recorder to describe something that happens during a picket. As I made my way from Van Ness, a main San Francisco thoroughfare, to the org, I passed one of the New World Corps guys, and encountered Mr. Nancy for the first time.]

Kristi: I am terribly terribly late, I just turned the corner off Van Ness. I was passed by a guy in a blue suit, I thought he might be a candidate for a flier, kind of crew cut, I offered him some info, he said no thank you, and I saw a lapel button on his blazer that said "New World Corps."

[*** I meet Mr. Nancy ***]

[The next is also a note to myself, describing my first encounter with Mr. Nancy.]

Kristi: I've been fiddling with my accoutrement. I just passed the corner of Larkin & McAllister ...

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info? >

Kristi: ... and was joined at the corner by a gentleman carrying what looked like a box of cassette tapes and I saw it said on the back "Bridge Productions Inc." so I didn't approach him. He saw me and my signs and pointed at the one that says "Scientologists convicted again" and said "That's the biggest crock of shit," and I said "Do you know about France?" and he ran away across the street when the light changed and I called after him, "I'm sorry you can't con- front it."

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info? >

Kristi: Would you like some info?

P1: I agree.

Kristi: Thank you. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople.

P1: I don't have any friends.

Kristi: Well, tell your congresspeople and the IRS.

Kristi: Hi, would you like some info? It's worse than you think.

P2: Oh, it's different from the one they usually have.

Kristi: Well, we try to have new information every time. Thank you.

[I wonder if he thought I was distributing pro-Scientology literature or per- sonality tests.]

[*** at about 12:30, I finally arrive at the org *** ]

Kristi: Hi! I'M SORRY I'm so late! I suck! How are you?

Peaches: Good!

Kristi: I'm having all kinds of trouble with my ...

Peaches: Uh oh. [looking at my flier holder]

Kristi: But look! [I point to my sign:] Nice new vinyl pouch with new sign in it.

Peaches: Ah!

[My new sign says: "Scientology: *Convicted* of Lying. Learn the truth: www.scientology-lies.com."]

[I described my encounter with Mr. Nancy to Peaches and Phil.]

Peaches: I got a lot of Xenu stuff for Christmas, but:

[she shows off her Xenu-bopper]

Kristi: And it goes "squick squick squick"!

[much laughter]

Phil: The restaurant there has turned into a cybercafe.

[*** a passerby tells how Scientology tracked him down when he was homeless: ***]

Kristi: Would you like some info?

P3: I know you guys come here every year or whatever.

Kristi: I try to come here every month.

P3: Update me on what's happening. Who's Lisa?

Kristi: I'd be happy to tell you all about that. Here's who Lisa is. [handing him a Lisa flier] Lisa was a Scientologist who was held against her will for 17 days. At the end of that time she was dead.

Phil: They locked her in a room, injected her with chloral hydrate. She died 40 pounds lighter, apparently screamingly mad.

Kristi: The state of Florida has charged the organization itself with two fel- ony counts in her death. They're holding them responsible. There's extensive evidence that what happened to her was not a fluke but is done routinely by policy. I'm concerned about Scientology because they hold people against their will.

P3: She was just a regular person like me and you?

Kristi: Right. She had been involved for a long time.

P3: What was her function?

Kristi: She didn't work for them. She was a public Scientologist. She probably would have considered herself a member of a church. But she started to - There's evidence that she wanted to leave. She had been in touch with her fam- ily saying that she was coming home for good, and shortly after that they locked her up. There's also some evidence that she was losing touch with real- ity, and ... Scientology really fears that, they really fear anything that would make Scientology look bad. So they felt it would be better to lock her away where nobody could talk to her, nobody could get to her, nobody could find out what the truth is, rather than have people know that she lost touch with reality while she was a Scientologist.

P3: I don't understand - money probably has a lot to do with it. I see all these shows on TV and stuff, and I'm wondering why they couldn't get inside there and say "hey, we want to talk to this girl."

Kristi: There's kind of two things: First of all, there HAS been a fair amount of interest in this case. There have been some television shows, there was a Hard Copy, it was mentioned on one of the A&E Investigative Reports shows. There has been quite a lot of coverage in the CW newspapers. But for a long time, Scientology has sued anybody who even dared to say anything negative about them. Time Magazine published a story in 1991 called "The Cult of Greed & Evil," and Scientology sued Time. Even though Scientology lost the case they kept suing Time over and over again. This cost Time Magazine millions of dol- lars and huge amounts of lost time. A little publication, or even a big publi- cation, if you're driven by the bottom line, you can't afford -

P3: So these people must have lots of money -

Kristi: Huge amounts of money. Lisa McPherson donated over $50,000 in just the last year of her life. There is some speculation that she may have been involved in money laundering, and that's one of the reasons why they couldn't let her leave. She donated well over $100,000 during her lifetime. Lots and lots of money. It's extremely expensive. So my concern is that they are actu- ally violating the human rights of their members, that they're holding them against their will. Not all of them, of course ...

... I'm technically supposed to keep moving, so let's walk.

P3: I was homeless, and I went to this place, and I talked to them, they said they'll set me up with a job, or whatever, this and that - a real young kid, and then he's telling me, I go, "What do you do?" ... "I'm a doctor." And I said to myself, a doctor?! This is no place for me. I came back the next day and finally I said, "Fuck this shit" - I can't believe it: I got a letter at a place where I was staying at - this is the honest to God truth, too ...

[I notice Jeff Quiros come out for the obligatory photo shoot, and I greet him:]

Kristi: Hey, Jeff!

P3: Is he gonna take my picture?

Kristi: Yes he is.

P3: I don't want him to take my picture.

Kristi: Okay, you can either tell him, or -

Kristi: [calling over to Jeff:] Jeff, this gentleman here doesn't want his pic- ture taken.

P3: I uh...

Kristi: [to Jeff:] Do you want me to step away from him for a minute so you can get my picture?

Jeff: Yeah.

P3: That scares me.

[Mr. P3 goes down to the corner to wait for me]

Jeff: [looking proudly at his camera] Got my new camera ...

Kristi: [happy for him] Alright!

[he snaps a picture]

Kristi: Want the other side? It's the old one. This one's new, this one's old.

Jeff: Turn it around so I can get both sides.

[I flip the sign, we chat about which sides he's photographed]

Jeff: Thank you.

Kristi: Lovely to see you, you look very nice today.

Jeff: Thank you.

Kristi: Oh, I should get a picture of you.

Jeff: A picture of me taking pictures of you.

Kristi: That's right.

Kristi: Did you have a nice holiday?

Jeff: Yeah, it was uneventful, it was good.

Kristi: Yeah?

[I wonder if this is an allusion to the fact that we didn't do a picket on New Year's ... so Jeff didn't have to come in to take pictures of us on New Year's Day. Surely we're not at cause over Jeff?! I mean, he's OT5. And we're just wogs. Suppressive wogs.]

Kristi: [Jeff seems to be done taking pictures of me:] There we go.

Kristi: [to Mr. P3:] I think he's all done with me. I think he's done taking my picture for now. We can hang out down here if you like.

P3: Yeah. The thing that I want to say is the fact that - anyway, man, I'm telling you ...

Kristi: So you were concerned about the fact that they found your address.

P3: I'm telling you ...

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? It's worse than you think. ... Please tell congress and the IRS - their tax-exempt status is up for review. >

[Josh walks by:]

Kristi: Hi Josh! How are you?

Josh: [nods:] Kristi.

P3: They sent me a letter. It blew me away. Who am I? I'm nobody. I'm homeless ...

< Kristi: Would you like some info ma'am? Thank you. Tell your friends, the IRS and your congresspeople. >

P3: That's the whole thing about it. I couldn't believe that - they got a hold of me. I was working, I got a job - I didn't have no address and they found me.

Kristi: Right. They're very good at that.

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info sir? >

< Px: I believe you. >

< Kristi: Alright! >

[*** A passerby, Mr. P4, stops to talk. Mr. Nancy comes out of the org and tries to handle me and ignore Mr. P4. Like many Scientology handlers, he has a habit of talking over and interrupting his conversation partners (although he did let me finish telling him why I was protesting): ***]

P4: [taking the flier I offered:] I believe you!

Kristi: They've just been convicted AGAIN, and they're facing felony charges. Do you know about Lisa McPherson?

P4: I don't know anything about the person except what I've seen on TV, I know they've been outlawed in Germany...

P3: I'll let you go.

Kristi: Thank you - tell your friends!

Kristi: [to P4:] They haven't actually been outlawed in Germany. They've just said that they can't try to control the political parties and they can't work for the government.

P4: Well, they're not recognized as a religion.

Kristi: That's right.

P4: Even little fly-by-night churches from Tennessee and Kentucky are recog- nized as churches but Scientology's not recognized as a church.

[Mr. Nancy joins us]

Mr. Nancy: Actually, that's not true.

Kristi: In Germany, he's talking about.

Mr. Nancy: Oh. ... Actually, that's not true also.

Kristi: [to Peaches:] This is the gentleman who told me this was a crock.

Peaches: Oh.

Kristi: [to Mr. Nancy:] This is about France. Would you like the information about France?

Mr. Nancy: No, but I have a question for you.

Kristi: Okay. Please.

Mr. Nancy: Have you had a negative experience with Scientology yourself?

P4: I have. I was -

Mr. Nancy: I'm not asking you.

P4: Okay.

Mr. Nancy: Have you had a negative experience yourself?

Kristi: Not really, no.

Mr. Nancy: Are you getting paid to do this?

Kristi: No, I'm not.

Mr. Nancy: Then why are you doing it?

Kristi: I think for the same reason that CCHR and some of the other Scientolo- gists who are against psychiatry go and protest at psychiatry conventions. Because I think some of what Scientology is doing is wrong and I'd like for those specific abuses to be stopped. Just like CCHR people are not paid to go protest at the APA conventions, I'm not being paid to protest here.

Mr. Nancy: So you think that the overall good of Scientology - do you know what Scientology does -

Kristi: I'm -

Mr. Nancy: - for the education of this planet -

Kristi: Well -

Mr. Nancy: - and for getting people off of drugs, and making people more ethi- cal - are you aware of those things?

Kristi: See, part of my problem [I turn and point to my "convicted of lying" sign] is that Scientology lies. They've been convicted in the courts of lying.

Mr. Nancy: You didn't answer my question.

Kristi: I'm sorry, it was part of my answer.

Mr. Nancy: Are you aware of any of that?

Kristi: I'm aware of what Scientology claims to do, but the information I've found is that ...

Mr. Nancy: So you have no true data then exactly what it does, because over the last 13 years -

Kristi: What makes you think I have no true data?

Mr. Nancy: - of what I have been doing in Scientology -

Kristi: Yeah?

Mr. Nancy: What that allowed me to do -

Kristi: Would you like to tell me what that is?

Mr. Nancy: Yeah - is helping kids in drug education, going into schools, get- ting them off drugs -

Kristi: That's great.

Mr. Nancy: - educating people about what drugs do.

Kristi: I have no problem with that. That's terrific.

Mr. Nancy: You should understand then, that the bigger purpose of anything is what really is the thrust of what we do is...

Kristi: So do you think -

Mr. Nancy: So what I think you're doing IS a crock, regardless of what this is, it has no true effect on what the the church is doing as a whole. So what you're doing is, you're going against something with a 95%, 98% purpose -

Kristi: Which is it?

Mr. Nancy: - of helping this planet -

[Peaches begins waving her Xenubopper]

Kristi: So it has a 2% purpose of NOT helping the planet?

Mr. Nancy: What difference does it make?! 95, 98% -

Kristi: DOES it have a 2% purpose of NOT helping the planet??

Mr. Nancy: You know what? You're the kind of person that would focus on that 2% -

Kristi: Because it can't be fixed otherwise.

Mr. Nancy: - and now I understand who you are. Thank you very much.

[Peaches waves her Xenubopper; it goes "squick squick squick", and Mr. Nancy leaves]

Kristi: [calling after Mr. Nancy:] Would you like to tell me who you are, sir? Would you like to tell me which programs you've been involved with? WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY CONFRONT?!?!?

P4: He didn't ask about my bad experience.

Kristi: No, he didn't. Would you like to tell me?

P4: I worked at the health sciences center on the hill, rain coming down, and I had to catch a cab downtown to get back up on the hill, some kind of a medical emergency. They saw me frantically on a corner these Scientologists, trying to hail a cab and physically restrained me right on the street corner and wouldn't let me get to what I was scheduled to do.

Kristi: My god! Why not?

P4: Because they felt that I was being overactive and hyperactive.

Kristi: That's insane!:

P4: I finally broke lose. I had to hit one of the women.

Kristi: When was this?

P4: Mid 70s. They were really pumping out in the street. Set a bigger example for me with their tactics. A group that has to use tactics like that to get their organization started. And they target young people especially and brain- wash them. They did that in Miami, Miami finally forced them out.

P5: Excuse me. Does anyone have 75 cents? I'm late for a bus. I'm sorry.

[P4 & I find change for the homeless gentleman]

Kristi: [to Peaches] That guy just wasn't able to listen to anything. He was incredible.

[P4 & I give our change to the homeless gentleman]

P4: Well, just keep up the good work.

Kristi: Alright. Well thank you for your interest. Please do contact your con- gresspeople and the IRS.

P4: I am a registered voter.

Kristi: Great!

< Kristi: Would you like some information sir? Scientology's worse than you think. Thank you. >

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some information? Scientology's worse than you think. >

< P6: Not at all. >

[I think this person was a Scientologist.]

Peaches: [talking about Mr. Nancy] That guy was a Nazi!

Kristi: No, he wasn't a Nazi - he was a, uh - zealot!

<Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< P7: Got some. >

[Phil doesn't want Jeff Quiros to take his picture:]

Phil: I'm not letting him take my picture because he promised to e-mail me and he didn't.

[The homeless gentleman emerges from the org:]

Kristi: Did they give you any help in there?

P5: No, they didn't really.

Kristi: No? That's a shame.

[passing cars honk at us in support]

[I notice Jeff taking pictures and make sure Peaches and Phil know:]

Kristi: Photo op!

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info? Scientology's worse than you think. Thank you. Please tell your friends, your congresspeople, and the IRS. >

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info? Thank you. Please tell your congress- people, and the IRS. >

Kristi: Did I offer you some info already? If you have any questions, just let me know.

P8: Whatever happened to Lisa? I never heard of her.

Kristi: Lisa McPherson is a woman who was a Scientologist for well over 10 years of her life. They held her against her will for 17 days and at the end of that time she was dead. The county medical examiner said it was the worst case of dehydration she'd ever seen. They held her in full accordance with Scientol- ogy policy, either because she wanted to leave or because she was beginning to lose touch with reality, and they don't want people to know that Scientology can help people to lose touch with reality. The complete logs are on the Inter- net. Florida has charged the organization itself with two felonies in her death. [The passerby looks over the information.] Thank you so much. Please tell your congresspeople.

[Peaches is talking with someone; I hear her mention Gerry Armstrong.]

Kristi: [to a Scientologist] I'd be happy to talk if there's anything you'd like to tell me.

[I talk with Phil about Jeff's dogged attempts to photograph Phil:]

Kristi: He's taking photos from everywhere - he's across the street now.

Phil: I know, he's trying to catch me in the crossfire!

< Kristi: Would you like some info? ... Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS. >

< Kristi: Would you like some information sir? >

[A second photographer emerges from the org and heads across the street to get still more pictures of us. I introduce myself, but he doesn't speak to me:]

Kristi: Hi - my name's Kristi. Who are you?

< Kristi: Would you like some info? ... Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS.>

Kristi: Hey Phil - you know there's a second photographer? He walked over that way.

Phil: They're going to try to get a sandwich move on me - one shot from either side.

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info? >

Phil: I forgot my hat today.

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info ma'am? Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? It's worse than you think. Please tell your congresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? Please tell your congresspeople and your friends. >

[Jeff passes me, and I ask him about taking pictures of Phil:]

Kristi: Now why would you want to go and get a photo of someone who's told you he doesn't want his picture taken? Jeff: Phil? Just to irritate him, I guess.

< Kristi: Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS. >

Jeff: He said he didn't want it because I didn't send him an e-mail.

Kristi: Well, if you told him you would ... I think if you say you're going to do something, you should.

Jeff: I suppose I should.

[Phil tells a passing Scientologist, "It's worse than you think," and I suggest a different approach:]

Phil: It's worse than you think ...

Kristi: Phil, if you tell Scientologists `It's worse than you think' it's not going to help since they don't think it's bad. That line really works best with people that aren't involved. What might work with a Scientologist? Something like, "Aren't you tired of being regged?" Maybe?

[Phil looks dubious.]

Kristi: I don't know. You know best.

< Peaches: We're picketing this cult ... >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

[I wish a departing Scientolgist a good day:]

Kristi: Have a good afternoon ...

Peaches: I think I made Jeff really mad with my squeaky guy.


P9: [to Jeff] What you taking my picture for? There you go.

[Peaches and I chat some]

[Phil explains why he doesn't want Jeff taking his picture this week:]

Phil: He said he was going to email me and talk to me. He don't, so he don't get a picture!

Kristi: I asked him why he wanted to get a picture of someone who didn't want his picture taken, he said I don't know, just to irritate him I guess - that's not a very church like attitude!

Phil: It's a cult-like attitude.

[a couple of English gentlemen come by and congratulate us for picketing:

Kristi: Please tell your congresspeople and your friends and the IRS and who- ever else you can think of.

P10: They tried to join our government and we said you can't, you're a church.

P10: Good on you.

Kristi: Have some info.

P10: We're English and we've banned this lot.

Kristi: The recent charity commission decision - good on you!

P10: They said, "Oh, we're not a church." We said, in America, you're a church.

Kristi: It's like in Mexico.

P10: They couldn't get past our laws on that, as they are over here..

Kristi: The EC stuff is a little scary so the more countries that make deci- sions like that before the EC really kicks in, the better - so thank you!

P10: Good on you!

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? It's worse than you think. Thank you. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople. >

< Kristi: Please tell your friends and your congresspeople. >

< Kristi: Please tell the IRS. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. Thank you. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Thank you. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

Kristi: Hi! Want some info? ... Scientology is locking people up, defrauding people, extorting money from them ...

P11: Locking them up?

Kristi: Yep. Here, for example, is a woman that they held against her will for 17 days and at the end of that time she was dead.

P11: Why?

Kristi: Why did they hold her, or why is she dead?

P11: Why did they hold her?

Kristi: We aren't sure. Either she wanted to leave, or she was starting to leave, and ...

Kristi: They don't want people to know that Scientology can help people to lose touch with reality. After 17 days she had lost 40 pounds. The county medical examiner said it was the worst case of dehydration she'd ever seen. The state of Florida has filed felony charges against them.

P11: Were you involved before?

Kristi: I was in for like a month, barely - I had one auditing session, I read some books. But I've been a human rights activist for a long time, and knowing that there is an organization that does this, subsidized by my tax dollars ,in my country, in my state, really bothers me. I don't want `em to do it anymore.

P11: What do you think will happen?

Kristi: Well, there are two court cases ...

[I flip my tape and lose a few seconds of conversation]

Kristi: ... tax exempt status will be revoked as a result of that. Their tax exempt status is supposed to be up for review right now. And that would really hurt them a lot. You know, I don't really care if Scientology goes away or not, I just want them to stop hurting people. If that info bothers you like it both- ers me, I hope you'll consider telling your friends, your congresspeople and the IRS. Thanks for your interest.

[Picket, picket, picket.]

< Kristi: Would you like some information? >

< P12: I already got some. >

< Kristi: Oh great! >

[I cross the street to snap a photo of a pair of New World Corps gentlemen.]

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some info, sir? >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< Kristi: Would you like some info, sir? Thank you. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info, sir? Thank you. Please tell your congress- people and the IRS. >

Kristi: So have you noticed the guys with the uniforms?

Peaches: What is that?

Kristi: I don't know. I'm curious.

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< P13: Sure! >

< Kristi: Thanks, Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS. >

< Peaches: Dangerous cult. ... It's a cult you know! >

[Peaches tells me about her very Xenu Christmas:]

Peaches: They don't like my squeaky guy!

Kristi: They don't seem to mind my alien.

Peaches: I got a blow-up alien ... I got a little Xenu push puppet with a lit- tle Santa Claus hat (it worked for about 5 minutes),

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

Peaches: I got a Xenu gummy man which I ate - there was more Xenu stuff ...what else was there? ... And a little rubber ball with a little silver Xenu in the middle of it.

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your congresspeople and the IRS. >

Kristi: [to Peaches] Xenu is everywhere!

Phil: [in mock horror, referring to the alien dangling from my picket sign:] You hung Xenu!

Kristi: Hey, he blew us up in volcanoes! This is nothing. He can still breathe!

Phil: That's what you say.

Kristi: I just need more hands. That's just all there is to it.

[Peaches notes that her Xenubopper is a better handler-deterrent than her tape recorder:]

Peaches: Today I decided - I haven't used the tape recorder yet. And basically that's where somebody's handling me and I don't want them to - This is more effective!

Kristi: There's always reciting OT3, but of course that requires memorizing something ... you know there are so many times I've read a Hubbard quote and wished I could commit it to memory so I could quote it to somebody else - but I don't want that stuff in my head! I'd reather memorize poetry.

< Kristi: Would you like some info ma'am? >

[Phil muses about the number of Scientologists present at the org today:]

Phil: They're on course now so that was the lunchtime rush. I'd say they had 3 or 4 times as many as normal, and they look rather thoroughly indoctrinated too. I wonder what the program is?

Kristi: I don't know. ... Aren't they doing that whole new standard tech ethics course or something?

Phil: That could be it.

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? >

[A Scientologist has come out of the org and gotten into one of the cars parked in front of the org. He's revving the engine, and the exhaust is really nox- ious:]

Peaches: Do you think they sent him out here to gas us? ... Turn him in as a pollutor. ... Oh my god. That's awful.

[we chat about regging and the current turn-out]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

[a bus goes by, and we chat about the Macintoshes pictured on the bus ad]

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? >

<P13: I think you gave me one.>

[A passerby tells us about being body-routed in LA in the 80s:]

P14: You know they got a little Scientology thing in LA, and my ex-girlfriend was going to join, and they was going to move her into this place, make her give up all her possessions, all that - take all her money and then brainwash her. ... See, I'm into music.

Kristi: What changed your mind?

P14: Me? I deal with reality.

Kristi: [I give him a Rodney Rimando flier] Well, here's some info about a young man who did join up in LA. He was from the Bay area but he joined in LA, and a few months later he was dead.

P14: This was in the 80s. It was a big compound,

Kristi: It's still there

P14: They was giving us a tour. I'm into recording and I deal with reality, I gotta watch out for the land sharks.

Kristi: Good for you!

P14: But you're right!

Kristi: Tell your congresspeople!

P14: What if I just write a song about it?

Kristi: That'd do - that'd be great!

[a passerby asks me for literature:]

Kristi: I have loads of literature. [I give him a "costs a mint/breaking the law" flier.] Is there anything in particular you're interested in?

P15: I got a bunch of people that work for me - work in the company.

Kristi: Do you like funny things to pass around? [I give him a Xenu flier.]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

[a passerby notices my sign saying Scientology has been convicted:]

P16: This is a criminal court right here?

Kristi: That's right, they've been convicted in a number of countries, they're currently facing felony charges in the death of this young lady. [I hand him a Lisa flier.] There's evidence that they routinely, by policy, lock people up and hold them against their will - I've read that policy.

P16: [pointing to the org] These people here?

Kristi: These people right here.

Phil: This is their San Francisco office. They have offices around the world.

[Mr. P16 goes up to the org and peers through the door.]

Phil: [referring to Mr. P16] Now there's a man that goes after it.

[Mr. P16 returns to talk to me]

Kristi: I don't want you to take my word for it - there's a ton of information on the Internet. Do you have access to the Internet?

P16: Yes I do.

Kristi: There are URLs on the fliers. You can read court documents, you can read newspaper articles...

P16: How many offices do they have?

Kristi: In the Bay Area they're in San Francisco, San Jose, Campbell - but they're heavy in the Bay Area. They're biggest in LA and Florida.

P16: What is the purpose of this organization?

Kristi: According to their policy? "Make money, make more money, make other people produce so as to make more money."

P16: And they keep people prisoner against their will?

Kristi: Yes. Not everybody, but yes.

P16: How does one come about becoming a prisoner to them?

Kristi: Well, you start taking introductory courses, and they tell you some stuff about how to communicate better, and you get more and more involved, and you learn more and more stuff, and along the way you start accepting things that AREN'T true ...

P16: It's not being confined ...

Kristi: It IS being confined, ultimately, in some cases. Not everybody. There's a gentleman who works for their secret service who's come out and taken pic- tures of us - he's probably never been held against his will.

P16: How did she end up getting killed?

Phil: She worked for a company owned by Scientology. She was a salesman. Donated $110,000 to the cult of Scientology. We think it was money laundering. We don't know. After a while, she decided to quit, so she notified them she was going to quit.

Kristi: And she called her parents, she talked to her mother, and told them she was coming home for good, told a friend that ...

Phil: Then her employer started putting pressure on her, so she started getting a little bit upset, the cult took her in and locked her in a room so that she would change her mind.

******* check this

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< Kristi: That's my new slogan - it's worse than you think. A lot of people know a little bit about Scientology but they don't know about people being held aainst their will. >

< P17: I've had a long, long, bad history with them. >

< Kristi: Would you like to tell me about it? >

< P17: I already told this guy. >

P16: What was the cause of death?

Kristi: Dehydration. Actually it was an embolism, but it was brought on by dehydration. The county medical examiner said it was the worst case of dehydra- tion she had ever seen. She lost 40 pounds in that 17 days. She wasn't able to feed herself. She wouldn't eat.

P16: [asks whether I was on staff]

Kristi: I have not worked for them. I was involved for about a month.

Phil: I was in Scientology from 19...

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

< Kristi: Thank you. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople. >

< Peaches: Dangerous cult. >

[Peaches and I discuss what fliers we have left; she asks for some extra Xenu fliers.]

< Kristi: My email address is on the bottom of the smaller flier I gave you so if you think of any questions later you're welcome to email me. >

< P19: Hey, my name is Brother Love. >

< Kristi: Nice to meet you. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? >

< Kristi: Hi, would you like some information? >

[*** A net-savvy passerby asks about Scientology's battle with the net: ***]

Kristi: Would you like some info?

P20: Oh, is this about the cult?

Kristi: Scientology.

P20: I heard about them.

Kristi: If that information bothers you like it bothers me, I hope you'll tell your congresspeople and the IRS. Their tax exempt status is up for review. Tons of info on the internet, there are URLs on that page.

P20: Some guy gave me a bunch of literature called... OT? They were so funny! He told me they were illegal, I wasn't supposed to have them, so I started reading them -

Kristi: Right, you're not supposed to read the advanced materials.

P20: It's like really bad science fiction.

Kristi: Right. That's why I have this. [pointing to my alien] Because I don't care if they believe in something that's weird, but what bothers me is that they lie about it.

P20: Well, the only thing I know about `em is, what I continually hear about is not so much what's going on with the church, but the quarter that I hear from, they have really grave concerns about Internet censorship, although I don't know how you can censor the Internet.

Kristi: Well, they tried - they tried to shut down a newsgroup unilaterally; that didn't work. They tried to spam the newsgroup out of existence for a while; they tried that a couple of times. They've tried suing people who've posted their secrets on the Internet, and they've had some success there. There's a gentleman in San Jose who was driven into bankruptcy. He posted it believing it was a criminal instruction manaul because it talks about curing illness by getting rid of the little space aliens that are stuck to you. They have had a little more luck in the courts. They have a huge amount of money.

P20: How will these new remailers come into play? There are some that - I know there was one in Finland a few years back -

Kristi: They had a lot to do with getting that shut down.

P20: The new series, basically the people that operate the servers don't even know how ...

Kristi: Do you know any URLs?

P20: The one that I am familiar with is called Hushmail. It's relatively new, and in fact when you go to log in, you make your own encrypted key, it comes up on a screen and you just run your cursor over it and the server randomly assigns numbers so even the web masters or whatever don't know it. There's another one I understand up in Montreal, they're like a big startup. But the Hushmail is the one that I know about.

Kristi: I'll post something about that on the Scientology newsgroup so people know to look into that.

P20: Oh wow!

Kristi: See, you've changed the world just by stopping to talk to me!


Kristi: So my e-mail address is on the bottom of those fliers. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, and I thank you very much for your interest!

P20: Thank you! Bye bye.

[Hushmail is at http://www.hushmail.com/ ]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Thanks. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople. >

[*** I meet Charlie, an ars lurker who came by to say hello: ***]

Charlie: Hi there!

Kristi: Hi!

Charlie: I'm Charlie.

Kristi: Are you a new pickter?

Charlie: I'm actually just coming to visit. I'm a reader of Week in Review. I don't have time to read the 12,000 spam postings. I look at what gets posted to ars.xenu and there's a few interesting things in there sometimes.

Peaches: Oh, you don't read ARS directly so you wouldn't have seen Anti-Reg's stuff. Anti-Reg's stuff is funny! He's a Scientologist, his thing is "I got regged one too many times!"

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? >

[Phil razzes me some more for hanging Xenu from my picket sign:]

Phil: You hung Xenu!

Kristi: I didn't hang him, I merely attached him! [I wave his little plastic arm] He can still wave. [I kick his little plastic feet] He's still kicking!

Phil: His head's down.

Kristi: Well, how would you suggest I attach the poor thing?!

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Thanks. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople and the IRS - their tax exempt status is up for review. >

[Phil and I discuss the IRS ruling - will we ever hear anything else about it?]

< P21: I agree with you. >

< Kristi: Please tell your friends and your congresspeople.>

[Mr. P22 expresses his dislike of Scientology:]

P22: This is a bunch of bullshit.

Kristi: Did you have some experience with them?

P22: They tried to get me to join their church and I turned them down. It's nothing but a fucking cult and shit.

Phil: [laughing] You got that right.

Kristi: Well I hope you'll tell your friends.

[I chat a bit with Charlie:]

Kristi: I'm glad you came out.

Charlie: I read the picket reports on the weekly summary, and I wanted to come by and say, you know, there's a lot more people out there than are posting.

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople. >

[*** a passerby remembers Wayne Whitney: ***]

P23: There was a fellow who paraded back and forth here. Do you know him? I heard that he died. Is that true?

Kristi: I never knew him , but I think you're talking about Wayne Whitney. If it was Wayne Whitney, he did die.

P23: Where do you all get this stuff, the Internet?

Kristi: I've read a bunch of stuff. I've read some stuff in official Scientol- ogy documents right over here at the San Francisco library.

P23: I've read literature that they handed out. They seem to get their talons on everything you own. He said the police used to come by and <thumbs up>. So it must mean that they're a pretty bum bunch of people.

Kristi: Like this sign says, they get convicted in different countries for var- ious things that they do. The head of Scientology is currently facing charges in Spain - 10 years hard labor if he gets convicted. [I think I got this wrong - it's not hard labor, but it's 30 years, not 10.] The organization itself has been charged with two felony counts in the death of a Scientologist.

P23: All because They lie about the money, the way they get it.

Kristi: They lie, they hold people against their will ...

P23: He said he couldn't leave the place unless he signed it. They kept him there, what - several days, I think?

Kristi: Really? I hadn't heard that.

P23: I can't understand why those two actors are such aficionados of them. You know who I'm talking about?

Kristi: John Travolta, and Tom Cruise?

P23: Right.

Kristi: They've almost certainly been lied to, they don't know the truth, and there's evidence that Scientology is blackmailing people. Part of what Scien- tology is about is going over traumatic things that have happened to you They involve your family and your friends and of course yourself. If you tell them something you don't want anybody else to know, it's all written down - it's all in your folders. People have been threatened with having those secrets revealed if they speak out against Scientology or even if they leave. So I think that has a lot to do with it.

P23: It's terrible - they parade this around as a religion, when all it is is a cult. Get money out of you like the Reverend Moon.

Kristi: If it bothers you as much as it bothers me I hope you'll consider writ- ing to your congresspeople and the IRS. Their tax exempt status is supposed to be up for review right now.

P23: Tax-exempt?!?

Kristi: Oh yes. They were denied tax exempt status over and over by the courts, and finally after the last court appeal, the head of Scientology had an unan- nounced ...

[I describe the unscheduled meeting with the head of the IRS while I change the tape in my tape recorder]

[ ... and now I'm telling her about Scientology's tax breaks:]

Kristi: ...can't write that tuition off on our taxes, but Scientologists can. They have tax breaks that no one else gets, and I think that's wrong.

P23: They're a [unintelligible word] organization anyway, just on the basis of what I know. ... If I weren't [unintelligible word] ministry over there, I would be joining you.

Kristi: Well thank you so much for your interest.

[Mr. P4 returns to tell me something else he's remembered:]

P4: It was on CBS Reports or one of those shows one evening - no, it was in the paper. They bought out 15 web sites that were run by parents of missing chil- dren, you know? And they couldn't keep up the web sites, and Scientology bought them out without them knowing it, through a third party, so now Scientology owns those web sites that are seeking missing children. Why would they get involved in someting like that?

Kristi: Wow. I never heard that. That's news to me. Can you remember any more details about it so I can look it up?

P4: They had some pictures in there, too. It was like Newsweek or something. It made quite a row. I just moved here from Tennessee in October and this is before I left. There's one other way [you could research this], and that would be to get on the computer -

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople and the IRS. >

P4: - find out, as a missing child and see who actually operates it. See if they'd intercept you.

Kristi: Right. Thank you so much for telling me - I will definitely research that.

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. >

< Phil: It's brainwashing. >

[I tell Phil and Peaches what Mr. P4 just told me.]

Phil: I wonder if that had anything to do with the CAN affair.

Kristi: I wonder.

Peaches: What ever happened to Odhran Fortune?

Phil: Makes you wonder where all those kids ...

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople . >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. Thanks. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. Thank you. >

[Someone blows me a kiss out the window of a passing bus.]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. Thank you. Please tell your friends. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople . >

< Kristi: Would you like some info sir? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople and the IRS - their tax exempt status is up for review. >

P24: What this time? Good grief - it's like I'm listening - I've been on the Internet for like 10, 12 years, every six months, it's like Scientology this - I'm on an intensive job search right now, and if I weren't just a little bit scared I'd probably have applied.

Kristi: Well, go in and talk to them and ask about their salary - they don't even pay minimum wage.

P24: I'm skittish about something else, you see. Let me see what you've got to read?

Kristi: I've got some general background information, and this [handing over a Lisa flier] is a woman who died in their custody after they held her against her will for 17 days.

P24: Scientology costs over $400,000? Where's your source?

Kristi: There are people who have gotten price lists. They aren't any more recent than 1995. That's to go all the way up.

P24: Oh, I see. If you're going to put that kind of a number, you might want to put a source someplace. I'm not bitching -

Kristi: I understand. ... Thanks for your interest!

[The New World Corps guys return and go into the org.]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople . >

[Charlie prepares to leave, and we thank him for coming:]

Charlie: Keep up the good work!

[I confirm that it's okay to use the name Charlie in my report - Charlie leaves; I encourage him to email me if he wants to]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople . >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Please tell your friends and your con- gresspeople . >

P25: You making a lot of money? So that's how much money I'd make?

Peaches: Not me - I'm not a Scientologist! I'm picketing them! It's a dangerous cult.

Phil: You can go on staff, sign a contract for a billion years.

Kristi: If you just join staff, you can sign a contract for 2 1/2 years.

Phil: That's right.

Kristi: It's if you join the Sea Org that you have to join for a billion years.

Peaches: It's a con. That's why we're picketing it.

Kristi: They lie. They've been convicted in court of lying to people.

Phil: Sent to prison, too.

Kristi: They lie about what they believe, too. When you get way in and you've been in for a long time, pay a lot of money -

Peaches: 300,000 bucks!

Kristi: THEN, they'll tell you - but they won't tell you about this. So now you know.

Peaches: We've just saved you a thousand dollars!

Phil: Just give me 10 bucks.

[Mr. P25 thinks Phil is serious and starts to give back the flier]

Kristi: We're kidding, we're kidding - take it.

< Kristi: Would you like some info ma'am? >

P26: Can I break the law?

Kristi: I'd rather you didn't, cause you might get in trouble.

P26: I'm always in trouble. Are you married?

Kristi: I don't usually talk about my personal life.

P26: Y'all look good.

Kristi: Thank you.

Phil: The brainwash is like bacteria.

Kristi: It's amazing how insidious a lie can be. I read Dianetics over 10 years ago. And because of that, even though I came to the conclusion that Scientology was not for me and ultimately realized that they were lying, I believed that anaesthetic was bad - and could mess you up. I would not have anaesthetic when I went to the dentist. Then finally I went, God - I am still clinging to this stupid belief that I picked up from L. Ron Hubbard! So now I get anaesthetic when I go to the dentist, thank you very much.

< Kristi: Thank you - please tell your friends. >

< Kristi: Would you gentlemen like some information? >

[Peaches notices that my flier holder is coming apart]

Peaches: Are you popping? Are you falling apart? Is this you?

Kristi: I'm always falling apart. I can't come and picket without littering.

< Peaches: Want a flier? >

< Kristi: Please tell your friends and your congresspeople and the IRS. >

< P27: I don't have $400,000 so I guess I can't be saved. >


[We talk about knocking off in ten minutes.]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? Thank you. Please tell your friends. >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< Kristi: Would you like some info? It's worse than you think. Please tell your friends and your congresspeople. >

[A passerby asks if I was involved:]

Kristi: Not really. I was in for, like, a month, I did one auditing session.

P28: ... I can't deny that ...

Kristi: What bothers me is that there's extensive evidence that they're holding people against their will...

P28: Where?

Kristi: There's some evidence that they have done it in San Francisco, but mostly in ...

P28: In a house or something like that?

Kristi: Los Angeles and Clearwater ... [I look for fliers]

P28: How do they manage that? Is it mind control, or actually physically hold- ing people?

Kristi: Physically holding people, although it starts with mind control. [I hand over a Lisa flier] This is a woman, they're currently facing felony charges in her death, they held her against her will for 17 days, the county medical officer said it was the worst case of dehydration she'd ever seen. The thing is, that was not a fluke - that was done in accordance with their policy. I've read that policy at the San Francisco Public Library. It's called the Introspection Rundown.

P28: What do they do?

Kristi: Well, they hold you in a room and they don't talk to you.

P28: What is that supposed to do? What do they claim that does?

Kristi: They claim that will cure a psychotic person. So they're practicing medicine. So that's one of the charges they're facing.

P28: What is the federal government doing about this?

Kristi: The federal government isn't doing much, I'm afraid. In fact, the IRS has granted them tax-exempt status. I think it was because the IRS commissioner was blackmailed, because the courts turned them down over and over again, and the IRS created a secret agreement with them, which I think is unconstitu- tional, so our tax dollars subsidize their illegal activity. But considering what they did to the IRS - they filed, what, over 2000 lawsuits? - against the IRS - and individual IRS commissioners. So public officials find it very diffi- cult to go after them. I think the Florida state officials who've filed charges against them are very brave. It's not easy. There's a case they were involved in where the judge's dog was drowned. ... They have a long history of tampering with official files. The top 11 Scientologists went to prison in the United States in the 80s, including the founder's wife, for breaking into offices, stealing documents, falsifying information -

P28: Physically breaking in?

Kristi: Physically breaking in. All the information is on the Internet. The organization itself was convicted on similar charges in Canada, and the organi- zation itself was convicted of lying about the chief prosecutor who brought that case. They were slapped with the largest libel fine in Canadian history, which is why I say that they were convicted of lying in court.

P28: How do they manage to attack?

Kristi: In the first place, they lie, and they particularly claim to be scien- tific, which is how they got me, and they also claim it's completely scien- tific.

P28: Like that guy Jim Jones...

Kristi: Exactly. They appeal to people who want to do good, who want to help themselves and the rest of the world, and that really bugs me.

P28: Gives religion a bad name. I'm Catholic - not all religion is bad, but this gives it a bad name, makes you stay away and not find out about God ...

Kristi: It really does. That's another thing, they tell people that you can be a member of any religion and still be a Scientologist and, and that's a lie.

P28: That's an outright lie! There's no way!

Kristi: John Travolta has gone on national television and said that, their spokespeople have gone on the radio, gone in print and said that to people, even though their IRS agreement says that they ultimately expect people to look solely to Scientology on religious questions. So they're lying to people to get money, and that's fraud.

P28: What is Dianetics? What is that about?

Kristi: Dianetics is sort of the first step of their philosophy. You can see there are big posters for that in their window.

P28: Would you advise me to read that out of curiousity?

Kristi: You're welcome to try. I encourage you to look at both sides. I person- ally find it a really hard read. Go for it - definitely try it - but it's so full of nonsense, it's hard to get through. But definitely - you can buy it for a buck at a used bookstore, you can get it at the library, go for it.

Peaches: It's an assault on your brain.

Kristi: What Dianetics says is that all of our problems are caused by engrams, which are stored in our reactive mind.

P28: I've read about that.

P28: Sexism, homophobia, poverty ...

Kristi: So what happens is when you're still in the womb, something happens to your mother, your mother runs into a table and bashes your little head in, and she says, "I'm such a klutz." Even though you're still an embryo, your cells record this message, and then for the rest of your life, you'll be a klutz. Because you will have internalized this. And through getting auditing, you'll recover this memory that happened in the womb, and you'll realize that it was just your mother calling herself a klutz when she ran into the table and bashed your head in,

P28: And that's why I'm so fucked up.

Kristi: And that's why you're so fucked up. And having realized that, you won't be a klutz anymore because you will have gotten rid of that engram. So once you get rid of all your engrams, you have no more reactive mind anymore and you're "clear". And once you have no more reactive mind, you can read it in Dianetics, you will then have perfect memory of everything that's ever happened in your life, everything you've ever read, everything you've ever done; you will never get psychosomatic illnesses anymore - and they include among psychosomatic ill- nesses: arthritis, asthma, cancer -

P28: Oh good.

Kristi: That's right. So you know, if you've got an illness, if you've got a history of heart disease in your family, and you walk into this place to get a free personality test, and they tell you it'll get rid of any propensity for psychosomatic illness, welll, that sounds pretty great. And if they tell you they have a technology that ends insanity, well that sounds pretty great. So why wouldn't you want to be involved? Well, because they lock people up and lie to them. But they don't tell you that. So that's why we're out here - to tell people that.

Phil: After Dianetics they say, now the upper levels, you've got space aliens stuck to your body. They call them body thetans.

< Kristi: It's worse than you think. >

Kristi: [to P28:] Oh good - I can give you the other flier.

Phil: Xenu is the guy who caused it - that's Xenu, right there.

P28: Oh, come on!

Kristi: Seriously - in LRH's own handwriting. Turn it over. LRH's own handwrit- ing. [reading] galactic federation ... 75 million years ago ...


Kristi: The problem is, they don't tell you this until you've been in for, like, five years.

Phil: And you're brainwashed

Kristi: And you've given them a lot of money. It doesn't bother me that they believe something wacky, it bothers me that they lie about it. So you go and you take your $50 course, and you get a little out of it, and you go, oh wow, this is really great. So you take another little course, do another little auditing session, and you go, this is really great, this is really helping me with my life. And you do more courses and hear things that kind of make sense and they kind of seem to be true, and they slip in -

P28: Do you know ... Rev. Moon ...

Kristi: Unification church? Moonies?

P28: Yeah, I had a run-in with them, they do proselytizing, and then on the way back, they're - I overheard the conversation about going into people's house and build a shrine and what have you. But they didn't tell me about this before I went in. If you're going to do this, tell me stuff before. It was freaky. And after I stopped going and they still very aggressively came after me, like calling my job.

Kristi: Scientology works the same way.

P28: Thank you.

Kristi: There's info on the Internet, the URLs are on the fliers I gave you.

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< P29: No thanks. >

[Phil is talking with smoking Scientologists:]

Phil: You get wise after a while and you'll leave.

[I call over to the smoking Scientologist:]

Kristi: If there's anything you'd like to tell me I'd be more than happy to listen.

Smoker: Oh.

[The smoker starts playing with a child who's walking on the planter]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

< Kristi: Have you been offered a flier? Would you like a flier? Thanks. >

P29: How are they breaking the law? Are they really breaking the law?

Kristi: They really are breaking the law.

P29: I mean, They've been around for a while. I'm not a Scientologist.

Kristi: [giving out a Lisa flier] Here's a woman who died in their custody. The organization itself has been charged with felonies.

P29: So what are you trying to do? Get them closed down?

Kristi: No, I'm not trying to get them closed down. I'm trying to help people to know what they're really about so they don't get sucked in without full information, and I hope people will contact their congresspeople and the IRS. I don't care if Scientology continues for another thousand years, I just don't want them to hold people, hold them against their will ...

P29: ... kidnap people...

Kristi: ... kidnap people...

< Kristi: I'm Kristi. My email address is right on the bottom there. >

< P30: Thank you Kristi. Have a great day. >

< Kristi: You too now! >

[It's 2 pm, so we pry Peaches away from her co-conversant and head for the cafe.]

< Kristi: Would you like some info? >

[We pass another Scientologist, and I offer to listen:]

Kristi: If there's anything you'd like to communicate to me I'd be happy to listen.


So, we adjourned to the cafe and had a lovely lunch, courtesy of Phil - thanks, Phil! - and enjoyed one another's company. Another fun and effective picket, and a delightful repast with my suppressive cohorts - a splendid way to pass a Saturday afternoon.

-- Kristi Wachter the activist formerly known as "Jour" (before $cientology outed me)

I think $cientology is hurting people and breaking the law, and I want them to stop it. See http://www.scientology-lies.com for more. Can you say "Xenu?" ... I knew that you could.


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