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Don Martin
Thought for the Day

In his excellent novel, _The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman_, Louis de Bernieres makes an observation worthy of HolySmoke. At the beginning of Chapter 38 (p. 260) he writes:

In all times and all places the principal attraction of religions has lain in their license to do evil; that this is so is amply demonstrated by the fact that as soon as a faith loses its militant aggressiveness, the number of its followers diminishes. A man who does evil in God's name and purportedly by His command becomes instantly justified, and the greater the evil he perpetrates, the more holy does he seem to himself. In the holy books of the world may be found precedents and even injunctions to delight the heart of the Devil, and both sides of any dispute find ample fuel for their fires within the mazes of contradictions that can be found therein. No proverb is more depressingly true than the one that states that evil always pays good the compliment of masquerading as it.

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