Scientology Crime Syndicate

My visit with the State Attorney
Mark Bunker
19 Feb 2000

This afternoon I went in to be questioned in the matter of the Richard Bernard Hammer Attack. I was looking forward to the experience but I'm afraid I came away very depressed.

The afternoon started bleakly with discovering that Officer Kelly was in speaking to the investigator when I arrived. Just hearing his name made me feel on edge. It's strange because if Bernard had been there, I wouldn't have reacted so strongly. I just wasn't expecting to see Kelly.

Then Officer Kelly was sent out to ask me a question. The investigator wanted to know if we could put off my questioning till Monday. I didn't mind the request but I was rather put off with Kelly being sent to ask me. He seemed to be trying hard to be polite and sociable but I guess I felt like Ronald Goldman's father when O.J. would walk into the courtroom.

Even more than the hammer attack itself, which was inexcusable, I was disturbed by Kelly's actions of not wanting to investigate the attack. I've always been such a huge supporter of the police and especially the CW police that it saddens me to see how many of the cops have no trouble taking Scientology's dirty money. I don't know if Kelly ever took a dime from Scientology but others have and it leaves me with a deep distrust of the department and that saddens me.

Well, eventually it was decided that the investigator would question me about the events and after hearing all the questions and comments about our filming it seemed to me she was leaning in the direction of letting the whole thing drop. There was a lot of talk about mitigating circumstances and perhaps because we were filming and he just hit the camera and not me, that charges wouldn't be filed.

I was told that because Bernard wasn't arrested that this case would move more slowly through the system and it could be weeks before any decision would be made whether any actions would be taken.

By this time I felt it was all over and it would be a simple going through the motions of asking a few questions of Bernard and then they would close the case. Perhaps give Bernard a Good Citizen Medal. My frustrations became apparant and I was asked to say what I felt so I unleashed my feelings about this.

I mentioned that if nothing is done about Bernard then it gives free reign to anyone to assault me any time I have my camera. Overstatement perhaps but it's the way I feel. "Oh sure, I hit him with a hammer, Officer, but he was shooting a documentary!"

A lot was said about the fact that he hit the camera and not me and that the camera did not suffer any serious damage but I pointed out that no matter how upset I am about the criminal activities of Scientology I don't take a hammer and start attacking their property. If I ever did you can be assured I would be jailed immediately.

The investigator also couldn't comprehend why I didn't run in fear when Bernard started attacking. I explained that there are camera people in the middle of war zones and that it's my training to keep rolling and get the footage. She couldn't quite comprehend this. She felt anyone who was in fear would try to get away. Well, I fear Scientology far more than a bezerko guy with a hammer and I moved next door to them.

I left feeling that it was pointless. That nothing would come of it. Bob Minton can shove someone with a styrofoam sign after being struck and he is charged with a felony. A guy assaults me with a hammer, it's on tape, and no one cares.

It's comforting to know that there are a large number of you around the world who understand. I appreciate all the support you've shown me through this incident and the arrest in Chicago.

I'll keep you updated...and I'll keep on fighting.


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