Scientology Crime Syndicate

My visit with the State Attorney
19 Feb 2000
Mark Bunker


First off, sorry for the multiple posts. My newsreader was acting up and it said it wasn't mailed but it turns out to have been mailed repeatedly.

One point I left out.

The Sgt who arrived on the scene (the one who forced Kelly to do an investigation) sat in on my questioning. At one point, the inspector asked me if I knew Bernard or if I'd seen him before or since and I said that was my entire contact with him and I only knew what I had heard from the police on the newscasts but we were sure he was a Scientologist because of the listing of his name in Scientology magazines.

The Sgt was very surprised by this and perked up immediately. I told him about Source Issue 80 but that was the only one I could remember off hand. he's interetsted in following up on that.

Anyone have the complete list handy of all Richard Bernard references?



A list of Scientology courses taken by a Richard Bernard:

Course (Publication Volume [Year]: Page)
1. l-11 Rundown Expansion (Source 59 [1987]: 22).
2. Student Hat (Source 64 [1988]: 22).
3. Scientolog Drug Ru[ndown?] (Source 80 [1992]: 24).
4. Route to Infinity (Freewinds, 1 [1989]: 24).
5. Prosperity Rundown (Source 80 [1992]: 24).
6. l 12 Rundown (Source 59 [1987]: 22).
7. Hubard Solo Audit (Source 80 [1992]: 24).


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