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Mormonism in the Mideast

There was a bit of a flap over here regarding some Mormons. Seems that even in a Muslim country, albeit even a "liberal" one like here, these chowderheads just couldn't control themselves and had to go out proselytising. Now, for some odd reason, Xtianity is tolerated over here, in sort of a "don't ask, don't tell" way. If you're not Muslim, fine; just don't go on broadcasting it.

Well, we had a raft of folks over for Thanksgiving Tea (about 35 couples, representing well over 3 million different, OK, well, 15 countries) and had just a lovely time. There was enough food for Rommel's Afrika Korps and even drink for all that wanted to partake (I had a double once or seven times).

After eating and having a wonderful meal, the folks broke into smallish groups and various conversations ensued. Most were about work (we're all ExPats and complaining about work is usually job #1), schools, kids, etc.; the sort of banter you'd get from a herd of well educated and ridiculously well paid professionals.

Unfortunately, there was one couple (American, I'm sad to say) who just HAD to steer the conversation into religion. Even in the West, that's a dangerous course to plot. Over here, it's downright idiotic. They just HAD to usurp any conversation going and inject their own brand of myopic and hallucinatory religion; and even went so far as to start passing out pamphlets about Mormonism. (To this day, we don't know who invited them. I certainly didn't nor did my wife...I wonder if they just schmooze Westerner functions to plan their religious ambush?)

Being the host, I confronted them and informed them that, in my own inimitable style, although I really don't give a flying rat fuck about religion, there are others here who might. This was my function, in my compound and my booze they were guzzling, and I don't like having my functions turned into a religious sideshow; and I'm sure the Sheik who owns the compound where I lived and was currently feteing this little party would agree, but for different reasons.

They were aghast (even more when I informed them that I was a staunch atheist and Mormonism didn't stand a chance against the harsh light of reality), and accused me of censorship (right) and oppression (hah). I told them that, again, I didn't give an aerial rat fuck about their goofy religion, and go ahead and tell everyone who will listen, but not at my function and not on my nickel.

They packed up and left in a huff, to the cajoling of the others who also shared my sentiments (there were probably 15 different religions represented by the crowd in attendance, and none of the others had to proselytize nor felt uncomfortable in my asking the Morons to desist). They felt that their religion was something to be best kept private and to oneself. I couldn't agree more.

Well, a few weeks after this little pecadillo, I heard that the Mormon family were being asked to leave the country (i.e., tossed out on their ass). Seems that religious hucksterizing and working for a Muslim dominated state run company in the Islamic Middle East just *don't* mix.

Some folks will never learn...



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