Scientology Crime Syndicate

"Phil" <narconon_us@yahoo.com> and Fredric L. Rice:

> This forum is for drug addiction and alcoholism and I'd be
> interested in your basic wisdom regarding this issue.
> By the way, all that you have posted here is incorrect
> which I'm sure you have no interest in hearing.

And in fact everything which was covered was 100% accurate. The fact of the matter is that the Narconon scam is a Scientology organization that applies deadly, unproven, unscientific, non-medical quack religious rituals concocted by the Scientology cult's mad messiah, L. Ron Hubbard, which often results in kidney damage due to the high dosages of niacine and the insane use of prolonged sauna sessions. (Doubt it? Call my bluff. I will offer specific cases and perhaps even FDA findings if you or anyone else ask.)

The primary goal of the Scientology cult isn't to help people get off of drugs. It's to rook otherwise ignorant rubes into the felonious cult -- in effect trading a physical addition for a mental one that's far more debilitating. The Scientology cult has a long history of targeting people who are down. They know that people who are addicted are at a pliable -- and thus exploitable -- stage in their lives.

What's also important to note is that the facts are easily checked and verified. Anyone can do research on the "narconon" scam and find out that it is indeed a Scientology front; that it named itself to deliberately deceive people into thinking it was Narcanon, the _real_ organization; that the criminal Scientology cult's Narconon office was found to have deliberately lied to Utah law enforcement agencies and was subsequently thrown out of Orem, Utah, starting on 30/June/2000.

Here you are trying to lie to people who would rather like help living with their addictions day-to-day. Your motive: You don't want to help; you want to maintain the unwitted notion that Narconon some how helps people overcome. And the reason is, as always with Scientology, money.

> Regardless, surely you would agree that it is important that a person who
> is addicted and wants help to find good help and get clean and stay clean.
> Surely you wouldn't mind sharing your deep-rooted philosophy regarding
> addiction.

Indeed: Consult qualified medical doctors, don't sign up with quacks who want your money, your brain, your kidneys, and your life. Learn everything you can about your problem, the solutions open to you, and about the people and organizations that promise to assist you. And above all: buyer beware.


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