From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@raids.org>
To: 1915jor@bellsouth.net
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 20:48:27 -0700
Subject: Science wins again. Science always wins.

At 10:25 7/30/98 -0500, Max Jordan wrote:

mj> RE: 21 Nov 97 internet site critical of creation
mj> science methodology of eximining evidence

That's strange. Nobody can ever seem to come up with any "creation science." If you know who's hiding this evidence, you might want to let somebody know about it.

mj> Sir:
mj> I am a lawyer, learned in proofs and evidence.

I'm a scientist, learned in science, logic, and reason. I win. <smile>

mj> Your criticism is generalized rather than specific.

Objection, your honor. The blood-sucking lawyer has refused to offer any specifics and is making vague, undefined accusations against reason. I ask that the accusation be stricken from the record and ask that the blood-sucking lawyer be instructed to try to focus.

Objection sustained. The blood-sucking lawyer will refrain from making unfounded, vague, ill-defined occult rants and attempt to focus on the issues rather than rant like an insane cultist screaming about flying saucers and evolution on the sidewalk. Proceed!

mj> It seems to me that you atheist evolutionists

Objection, your honor. The blood-sucking lawyer is now invoking the logical fallacy known as "begging the question." Inasmuch as evolution has nothing to do with gods or the lack of gods and inasmuch as most theists accept the undeniable fact of evolution, I ask that the lawyer be instructed as to what constitutes reason and what constitutes religious occultism and that he educate himself as to the fact that only a very few cultists still have a problem with the fact of evolution.

Objection sustained. The blood-sucking lawyer is ordered to learn the facts about evolution and the facts about theism and atheism. Bailiff, make a note to that effect and fine the blood-sucking lawyer $50.00 for good measure. Proceed!

mj> have been filtering information and evidence for decades,
mj> and selectively ignore or distort evidence to prove preposterous
mj> theories...and then call it "science."

Objection, your honor. The blood-sucking lawyer is once again making vague, unspecific claims and accusations against reason. Your honor, let's see if we can get this clown to apply at least a little professional acumen, please!

Objections sustained. I will caution the blood-sucking lawyer that you have used up your favor with myself and one more unsubstanciated claim without evidence will have you barred from this court room. Bailiff, fine the blood-sucking lawyer an additional $100.00. Proceed!

mj> I admit it must seem challenging to attempt to
mj> "scientifically" prove a lie...but reward comes from
mj> proving the truth. Open your mind and let a little
mj> truth in. It may change yor life.

Objection your honor! The blood-sucking lawyer continues to make vague, unspecific accusations against his intellectual and moral superiors without a shred of evidence to back his occult delusional rants up with evidence. I petition the court to dismiss the cultists' complaint against his betters and further ask that the court finds the blood-sucking lawyer in contempt.

Objection and motion sustained. The court finds the blood-sucking lawyer in contemp of this court for continued refusal to obey the laws of reason, science, and logic and sentences the lawyer to four years of High School followed by four more years of community college in biological science. I further order six months of community service defending abortion clinic patients from murderous extremist Christian cultists with shotguns.

It is hereby ordered. Bailiff, take the blood-sucking lawyer into custody and see that he gets an education.

<bang> <bang> The court will resume with the next case after lunch.


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