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Miss X Files #12 Psychotic Breaks and Isolation [02 Nov 1996]
Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:35:31 -0400

> Miss X wrote:
>> While on staff in the Sea Org, I had personal knowledge of two Sea Org
>> staff and one "public person" who suffered psychotic breaks and were locked
>> up in "ISO" (isolation). I will talk about the Sea Org staff in this post.


>> If you are reading this, please let me know, Peter. I hope you are doing
>> better now. I would like to hear your story about what happened from your
>> point of view.


>>I think of you often and pray that you are at peace.

> Dear Miss X,
> Your "prayers" don't wash. "Peter L" is a highly visible person around orgs
> for the last 25 years. Why don't you show him this post and ask him how he's
> doing? Or even easier, drive by and ask any Scientologist standing in front
> of AO.

> Your stories are old, Miss "ex". You should move forward to 1979 and switch
> over to the Bast thread for more topical material.

Hello (NoName),

I understand that you feel that my prayers "don't wash". I don't know why you have this opinion, but I honestly do care for people, and I do pray that Peter is doing alright wherever he may be.

In regards to your comment that I "should move forward to 1979", the last time I checked, MOST people consider that moving to 1979 would be to go backwards. _I_ am in 1996 at the moment, so could you please explain how _I_ "should move forward" ? Is time travelling an "ability regained" on the "as yet unreleased OT Level" 666 "pending more people attaining OT Level" (plug in any number) ?

Perhaps you were trying to "audit" me or run some sort of "8-C" on me, as your next comment would seem to indicate - i.e., that I should "switch over to the Bast thread for more topical material." Or perhaps you would like to steer my discussion away from the subject of psychotic breaks and isolation.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the topic was psychotic breaks. If I had wanted to discuss Bast, I would have done so. Indeed I may in the future. As a person with my own free will, I choose what I like to discuss. If _you_ wish to discuss Bast, feel free to do so.

Perhaps you could do some checking for me and tell me how Terry F.is doing. Did Terry get her child... back after she was released from ISO ?

Lastly, who are you to tell me what is "more topical material" ? Are you a $cieno ? Are you an "OT" ? Do you even have a nickname ?

Peace to you.

Miss X ARC,

[Reposted by Beverly]


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