"I upset most xtian type men. I don't know why. I upset their wives too, but not as badly. That seems to upset the men even more. Somehow, I would think that the compassionate inquiry about what emotional trauma destroyed their manhood would be soothing, rather than upsetting." - Katherine Wintersnight

Curtis Johnson:
The major objection to nuclear power, IMHO, is the lack of facilities to bury the stuff for a sufficiently long amount of time. Perhaps if one could assure that it would remain in a descending plate. . .

The major objection is fear based in ignorance. Problems with disposal (temporary or permanent) of waste are put forth as the arguments. The same people who argue this are happy to leave current pollution problems unsolved, happy in the faith that "technology" will provide answers to pollution problems and replacements for depleted fossil fuels.

DAVID WORRELL: I may have told this story before. If I have, you'll just have to deal with it again. ;)

I once worked for a company that disposed of radioactively contaminated waste. One employee had a rather limited wardrobe - a different colored Promise Keepers golf shirt for every day of the week.

The general method of dealing with this material was to melt it down, pour it into molds, and then surround the hardened material with impressive amounts of concrete.

Toward the end of my stay there, we had a meeting to discuss ways to cut costs. Several reasonable opinions were offered and discussed. Then PKboy decides to offer his opinion - "It's obvious that concrete is our largest material expense. Why not just use less for each ingot?"

My suggestion was just to do away with the concrete altogether and bury the shit in PKboy's back yard.


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