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The following "Exhibit E" entitled "Project Quaker", from the US District Court, Central District of California, Fishman Case # 91-6426 HLH (Tx) Continued, illustrates how $cientology management attempted to subvert justice proceedings brought against them, their 'cover story' manufactured, and how they LIED to even their own staff about where and why certain key executives were leaving the country.

Read how Bryce's "Project Quaker", submitted to and approved by Duke Snider (head of the "Church's" Intelligence Office in the United States) carefully devised a plan to make sure certain key staff members in $cientology Orgs would be out of the country, and therefore "unavailable" to testify in court. AND, it was to be done in such a way so that they "never can be accused of fleeing prosecution."

Read about how the criminal cult leaders use the words "the friends", "sabbatical leaves" as a cover and shore story, and the "ten talents" tale from the Bible. You see, $cientology will say ANYTHING necessary to accomplish their plans. Pretty strange for a "Church". And for a group that doesn't believe in "Christ" as anything other than an implant, these Biblical terms show the extent to which they will reinvent themselves to suit their purpose.

Enlightening reading...

Love, Miss X (Another Old Timer)


Begin Fair Use Extract of Federal Court Document


TOPSECRET Duke, Here is plan discussed, love Bryce

PROJECT QUAKER (Refer to the persons concerned as "the friends")

INFORMATION: It may be deemed necessary for all the DC Staff who could be pulled in for questioning 'to suddenly leave. This must be done in such a way So that they never can be accused of "fleeing prosecution".


To ensure that all those DC staff concerned are not available for questioning by Scales yet cannot be prosecuted for fleeing.


1. US B1 SEUS SEC is responsible for seeing that this project gets speedily done. He is to work closely with DC INFQ US and DG US on this project.

2. The purpose of this project is to protect the Church from Scales actions.

3. D/NAT'L SEC is responsible for the overall planning of those actions and their debugging as necessary.


1. To ensure that extremely tight security is maintained on this project.

2. To ensure that it gets done speedily.

3. To ensure that each aaction is smoothly worked out so that if evaluation is necessary it will be done without a 'hitch' or mistake.

4. To get finances quickly for this project.

5. To get approval up lines on this project "super fast" so that it can be got done really fast.


1. Each person to whom this project pertains must immediately get his/her passport. This must be done withing security's framework, meaning the person doesn't mention CofS on the passport. For occupation list Researcher - Public Relations Consultant - etc. or houswife for girls that are married. Production target 2 weeks on this. As assigned.

2. US D1 SEUS SEC is to work up an ED or some such official type proclamation entitled "Sabbatical Leaves." This can be worked out with both D/NAT'L SEC US B1 and DDG US. The above shall basically state that about 10 GO personnel shall be chosen for Sabbatical leaves. This shall start with the Founding Church in Washington DC. This is being done as an award for upstats who consistently produce well, and as an experiment to see what an energetic staff member will do on his own if given 3 to 6 months to travel and study and use scn tech. The rules are the persons are to:

1) To observe coventry and to not communiacte to a fellow Scngist during this time

2) They are to spend at least some of this time in "retreat" where they are to study their choice of topics.

3) They may travel anywhere in the world to do this.

4) They are to produce at the end of this time a product of use to Scn.

5) They may prepare ahead of time but must start from scratch.

This project is called "Ten Talents" after the biblical tale. A quote should be gotten from the bible and put into the ED. US B1 SEUS SEC

3. When the above Ed is completed, it should be sent to all GO DC staff wherever needed. It should appear real to those whom it does not affect. US B1 SEUS SEC

4. US B1 SEUS SEC is to work out the comm the pertinent persons are to give on this to thier relatives or fellow staff. This should be done ahead of time A.S .A.P so that when and if persons have "to go" it will not cause any flaps or PTS situations. "All" should be ready to leave at any time. US B1 SEC

5. US B1 SEC is to ensure that all concerned are ready to leave at any time and that all personal cycles finances, 2D, bills, are completely up to PT and there are no PTPs or stops to immeduate departure. US B1 SEUS SEC.

6. US B1 SEUS SEC is to see AG DC keeps all staff actions written up to PT and that machinery exists, to as best as possible, take over, for each person (including the AG) if this action were needed to be done. This should be worked out in liason with DDG US and


7) US B1 SEUS SEC is to immediately do up a confidential CS-W for "set-aside" finances for this project. This is for seven or eight people so the amount should be about $10,000 for starters. Any help needed on this can come from DDG US or DG US. These finances should be given to AG DC to hold in case this actions is implimented. US SEUS SEC B1

8) SEUS SEC B1 is to ensure that the "need to know" is strictly followed on this project. No communicators are to know. The Need to Know is limited to DG US;

DDG US; DG I US, DDG I US; US B1 NAT'L SEC, D/NAT'L SEC US; any US DG's that must know are told by DG US; and those DG staff that this concerns.

9) SEUS SEC US B1 is to set up an "early warning" system whereby he or DG US can be notified immediately with any info needed to decide to put 'Failsafe' into action. SEUS SEC US B1

10. A "safehouse" or "safehouse area" should be chosen in an out of the way place, like a ski resort - Dude ranch - farm - Canada - Mexico - etc., This "place" ahould be investigated to ensure it can be used anytime of the year by people just "showing up". This "safe house" is for Sabbaticals to go til it is shown one way or another that they must stay away or come back. SEUS SEC US B1

11. A cover story as to why "they" all went there; without

the Church knowing it, must be worked out - as this breaks Sabbatical rules. SEUS SEC US B1

12. Seven safe different places (or as many as needed) must be worked out, where the Sabbaticals will go if they must extend extend their leave. One for each person. SEUS SEC US B1

13. Secure comm lines, codes, etc., must be worked out for this "safe house" are in #10, and each different plave in #12 above. This must be done before any Sabbaticals are taken. SEUS SEC US B1

14. The entire DC Org should be alerted in some way to this Sabbatical "cover story". And if needed to be implimented the DC Org should be informed of this "award for" those concerned. (The one, two - 10 Talent analogy should be used). This is to take all the mystery off the line and make it no surprise as well as handling any testimony in court by any staff. SEUS SEC US B1

15. When all of the above actions are worked out to the DG I/DG US's satisfaction, a chock list, code words, etc., are to be worked out so that if deemed necessary the Sabbaticals will go off like clockwork. SEUS SEC US B1

16. Upon completion of targets 1-15, D/NAT'L SEC is to fly to DC on mission. His MO's will be the briefing and any necessary drilling to be done to prepare the "persons" for thier "Sabbaticals" if necessary to impliment. MOs to be written by SEUS SEC US B1 and approved by DG I US and DG US. SEUS SEC US B1.

(written in bottom corner '#37 (illegible initials) 7/8/77)

End Fair Use Extract of Federal Court Document


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