Wed 19 Mar 97 13:56

Jim Staal -
I could use all the $$$ help I can get. A high energy music ministry cannot be effected from a wheel chair or crutches.

David Rice -
Pray REAL hard. No, I mean HARDER. No, *HARDER* than that. Let's see some sweat on the brow. HAAAAAAARRRRDDDERRRRRRR! Here, let me help....

"Dear LORD, please, please, oh, PLEASE give me some money! I need it REAL bad! Tens and twenties would be nice. Hell (so to speak), I'll even take fivers and sawbucks, LORD!"

Hell. It didn't work. Maybe that should tell you something about the nature of the god, prayer, and wishful thinking.

By the way, speaking of prayer. Please send to me your address REAL SOON, so that I can send a post card every now and then. You'll have to know where to send your prayers, after all. shy.david@edenbbs.com will still be working for a few more days.

I can see it now----

I'll be wearing my safety harness, tethered to the deck, while the boat heaves and pitches under me; I'll be hard at work fighting to keep the boat on course, arms aching at the tiller, eyes peering intently into the rain and gloom.

Then all of a sudden I'll feel The Anointing Of The Lord fall upon me like a wet woolen blanket, as you bend your knees to pray for me. I'll wail in dispair "No, not now! I'm fighting for my life!" but you won't be able to hear me, and you'll continue to call The Sky Captain down upon me. And like a suffocating blanket, I'll slowly lose consciousness as The Spirit Of God envelopes me in its coying, stifling embrace.

As The Power From On High slowly saps my strength, I'll try desperately to tie down the tiller to keep the towering waves off the beam, but to no avail --- the Presence of the Great Bosun Above will wash over me before I can prepare my boat, and I will founder utterly, deep sixed, to face Davey Jones in his locker forever and ever and ever.

All because you prayed for me at the wrong time.

... Maybe if we came back to God, crops would do better.. -- KEN YOUNG


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