Sat 26 Jun 99 23:16
Praying Too Loud

Last week on FOX TV's "Scary Police Chases / Wildest Videos" show, a police officer pulled over a car for speeding and noticed that the passenger stuffed a small bag down his pants. That was probable cause for searching the car's trunk, which the police officer did. And lo! To his wondering eyes what did appear but 17 pounds of marijuana.

The cop car's dash camera filmed all this, including audio. While the police officer was placing the bags on marijuana on the hood of the police car to count, the ownder of the pot was wailing "This can't be happening! My father is a preacher! My MOTHER is a preacher! Oh god! Ohhhhhhhhh god!"

The police officer used his radio to call for another police unit to come and collect the marijuana, but he couldn't hear the dispatcher's replies. So the cop says into the microphone "Please repeat, I didn't hear you. The suspect is praying to loud." In the background one hears the drug dealer wailing "Oh please god! Pleeeeeeeezzze!"


I wonder if praying helped any....

... "Lest we forget, it was Utnapishtim's ark first." Robert Curry


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