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Picket SF org, Meeting with Quiros (repost)
Phil Scott
08 Dec 1999

I met Jeff Quirros (OSA northern calif) at the Dec 5th picket at the SF org. I got there at 3pm, Kristi and Peach started about 1.

I had been picketing about 3 minutes when he came out and addressed me by name, and asked if he could take a photo. I stood still for a photo, he wanted both sides of my sign. then he mentioned that I had been in Texas for a time.

Not wanting him to expend excess energy in covering the high points, I filled him in on the details. Clients, and various Houston school drills seminars I did etc. I told him about the Houston Picket by Fuzzy's and the clam pizza we had. We chatted casually about some of our mutual acquaintances, Chris Nisbit at the sacramento org who has just lowered prices. I complimented him on that. And Ron Walker who used to be the Ethics officer at the COSMOD in Sacramento and who now runs a cult teck consulting service in Sacramento. He was amazingly open and candid about some things.

I reminded him that while I had been picketing incognitito so photographs would be less useful. I had my business web site posted for a year, and had called OSA with that information, and my phone number just in case they wanted to do the tango or something.

I did not want them to have to waste any energy in finding me or my clients. I mentioned two of my major clients to him, along with the fact that I had presented them with the data on his cults criminal activity against those of us who post their criminal record to the web.

(we now have a few more avid high level executuve type lurkers from the largest semi conductor firms.)

Jeff Quiros said he is reading this NG, I got the impression that indeed he had been reading the NG. To a significant extent, at least lately.

He had inside information on the situation with myself, Inreach, the police, and Bay alarms. Just fascinating isn't it. He claimed never to have heard of Bryan Quigley.... (my how surprising), he also claims ignorance of the parisioners org black propaganda site. One wonders if that crap will wash with the FBI.

Jeff was cordial and respectful during our extended conversation, about 1/2 an hour in front of the org, he declined however an offer to come to dinner with us.

Later however as we began the candlelight vigil, he said that if we knew what really happened to Lisa that we would not be picketing. I forget his exact words, but he was laughing, and indicating that what we were doing was **funny** to him. This aligns well with previous cult response that Lisa 'pulled it in' and deserved what she got and other attempts by cult management to smear her and justify tying her to a bed and forceably injecting her with chloral hydrate.

He also said he will be surprised if the cult looses the legal cases.

Earlier the converstation turned to what it would take for the picketing to cease, and I related that as far as I and perhaps most picketers were concerned, activity would drop by 90% or more when the cult ceased its extensive criminal activity, and when it demonstrated that it was intent on repairing some of the damages done to those who have been fair gamed in the past. I told him that without having to pay the attorneys, whores, thugs and hit men 100 million dollars a year they could put the money into promotion and take over the world.

He thought the idea had merit.

He didn't present a counter agruement, but did express the notion that we would probably keep picketing regardless. I suggested that he might survey the critics to get a more accurate assessmwent. He declined to survey Kristi and the rest of the picketers. I did say I would continue of course writing and speaking about whatever I liked, including the cults brainwashing strategies.

He said he'd forward the message to his seniors. He denied knowing that the technical materials in the cult had been extensively edited, deleted and changed by the current management.

I referred him to Safes materials at the various critical web sites, he said he could find them. It is interesting that he argued against my posting to act in the same fashion as the cultie clones on the NG... Hi Pat, Ray, Bob etc. a little variety would make your cults approach a bit less detectable.

he asked for instance 'how many people read and accept your stuff?" (I told him about 1%). I didn't get into any of these issues with him, he said he knew how to do a searrch on deja.com. I provided him with my email address and phone number. he said he'd email me, but I see he hasn't, I have not checked my phone messages yet, perhaps he has called.

He wanted to know about the reverse processing I had at flag and who did it and etc. Then said he had never heard of such a thing, and I reminded him of the LRH policy that calls for such abuse. He went silent again.

I asked him why he was allowing parissioners org to post black propaganda about critics and reminded him that it was against hubbard policy to do so. I asked him why he was not doing the HCOPL 'Cleaning up a dirty field'. I asked why he was not doing KSW and stopping the squirrel tech by allowing the technical materials to be changed?

He remained silent. He didn't deny these at all. His mission was apparently to try to intimidate me, get data, and just ignore the meaninful issues. When I pointed out that his name was on the org buildings title he said he was the secretary of the corporation that owns it.

My tactic btw is going to be to produce and distribute Books and CD's and give seminars to corporate security executives world wide. For every account I loose due to cult OPs I will gain 10 from those who despise the cult. So far it seems to be working out that way in any event.


Dinner was Great. When i was arranging it, the owner of the tai restaurant wanted to know how many and who we were, and I said we are picketing the scientologists, she was very friendly at that, and said she would reserve us our usual table. We got 5 star service.

Kristi, Peach, Phr, and I were joined by two lurkers who helped us picket after dinner. Phr made fun of my choice of wine, $3.99 a fifth, with a screw cap, made with white wine and strawberry juice, carbonated, aged by truck. We had lot of different tai seafood, the critics left a big tip.

Kristi passed out some scientology kills tee shirts and gave me two real neat xenu dolls... I'm sending one to my limey friend Dave Bird... it's lime green Dave, yer gonna love it.

Oh yes, and when the org closed down at 7 pm sunday evening, that should be the heaviest load of students and PC's... I'd say maybe 5 people left. As a comparrison, the sacramento Org in 1975 had 60 or 70 students at that time, and perhaps 20 staff members. San Francisco was perhaps a bit busier. From what i can tell, stats at the SF org are down at least 80% probably 90% from those peak levels.

I'd estimate total staff at under 10 probably 5 or 6, and students at peak times at fewer than 5 on average. This time last year there were perhaps 10 people running back and forth from the org during a picket. It was much slower this time.

The org it appears ran in a couple of ringers on us, I'll let Kristi and Peach fill you in on that.

oh yes, and Jeff Quiros volunteered that picketing the critics homes had been counter productive as well as abusing pickerers and ask me to notice that all that had ceased. I congratulated him. That may have been when we got into what it would take for all of the critics to cease picketing.


Below is a recent big win in business for the cult. I am posting it for Jeff Quirros with the suggestion that the more the cult attacks us critics with illegal and unethical means, and the more crimes the cult commits, the more publicity it is going to get.

Jeff, If you think its getting bad in Europe. well just wait until the news leaks to the United states congress. Your cult and its operatives are rapidly becoming a world wide pariah. The recent op on me is resulting in a lot of red flags going up in silicon valley.

That will be a real problem as the results begin to flower, and more and more people are informed.

Best Regards, Phil Scott


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