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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:19:25 EDT


This is a letter I wrote at the viewer feedback page of EWTN.... an all Catholic network on cable. Their address is: http://www.ewtn.com/

The more I see of Catholicism the more I want to wretch at the thought of folks and their kids being subjected to the psychological abuse they mete out under the guise of religion.

Watch "Mother Angelica" a few times.... you'll see a petty, nasty woman who tries to sugar-coat her nastiness with smarmy, self-righteous condescension.

I was amazed when the friend (who I refer to in the signature) and her Deacon were all aglow with joyous awe at this deluded old woman and her sugar-coated- bitchiness. I hate to keep using the same term but she is just plain NASTY... there is no better term!

These two did not detect the thinly-veiled judgmental nastiness at all and instead were transfixed by the fact she wears a habit (I guess)....they were blind and deaf to the transparently negative spirit and deluded content of her ramblings.

It was as chilling as any science-fiction/TwllightZone/horror show I have ever seen. They may as well have been replaced by their pod-hatched doubles when they were in the grip of their psychotic-style delusions; be it the viewing of EWTN or indulging in their bizarre cult rituals (my friend is a shut in and the Deacon came to perform weekly rituals as well as visit occasionally other times)


To: viewer@ewtn.com
Subject: Amazing
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 15:10:55 EDT

Dear Reader,

As I was growing up in America's only majority Catholic state I lived in a rural area where few Catholics resided. I knew few but considered Catholicism "just another Church" and therefore worthy of respect.

As I've lived my life and been more intimately acquainted with the Church and its teachings I have become more and more disenchanted with it. I was willing to listen, studied under the tutelage of a Deacon of the Church who regularly visited a disabled friend of mine and the more I saw of it the more clear it was that it is but a sad medieval superstition, no more valid than the many 1-900-PSYCHIC hot lines we see advertised.

I see appalling superstition, corruption, self-delusion and a "faith" that can readily be termed a childhood-conditioned cult-belief that results in a lifelong psychological problems more being than any serious form of religion.

I watched "Mother Angelica" with my disabled friend many times and see a bitter disappointed old woman who has lost touch with reality and hopes to infuse her own nasty views with the supposed aura of Godliness.

I welcome your broadcasts so that those who felt as I did in my early life can see the emptiness, pettiness and poverty-of-values that you so proudly and foolishly display to the world.

Is it any wonder that church membership drops annually as this silly, sad, pitiful madhouse of smoke-and-mirrors is exposed to the light of day?

Please do not stop your broadcasts.... you are performing a valuable public service... though not the one you think you perform.

Should you, dear Reader, ever seek to exit the madhouse please feel free to write... I will welcome you back to reality with open arms.


(One Who Grieves For A Friend Who Is Now Under A Life Sentence Of Neuro- Psychiatric Care Courtesy of Catholicism's Insane Influence)


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