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Tuesday September 21, 1999, 19h37

France/Procès - the hidden face of Scientologie
By Thierry Cayol

MARSEILLES, September 21 - the correctional court of Marseilles approached Tuesday the bottom of the file of Scientologie and lengthily heard the six prevented and the two civil parts present with the audience.

The court had refused at the beginning of morning the formulated applications of reference the day before, with the opening of the lawsuit, by defense.

**time-out** the main thing prevent, Xavier Delamare, 42 year, have be the first to himself advance towards the bar, to praise the merit of Scientologie and deny that person in charge and follower of sect himself be deliver with swindle which them be reproach.

**time-out** himself express as if it recite the principle state in 1950 by Ron Hubbard in its deliver-worship " The Dianétique ", it himself be make an effort during more than de two hour to convince the court that the single vocation of Church of Scientologie be of nature spiritual.

But at once after him, " repented " Domenica Pons, 33 years, came to gum the table idyllic drawn up by the " gourou " niçois.

**time-out** this teacher fall " accidentally " into the swirl scientologue because it be it there have 10 year in search of a work, have not chew its word to denounce the " handling " of which it have be the witness and the victim, even if it be today on the bank of prevent.

**time-out** with its continuation, the old journalist Marie-Angel Molina, 42 year, over which weigh some heavy load, have reaffirm its attachment with Church of Scientologie, even if it occupy more today the function to " advise orientator " which it place with heart of swindle suppose.

The young woman is well obliged to agree when the president Marie-Marie-Annick Varlamoff and the prosecutor Danielle Drouy-Ayral question it on some practise at the very least strange into force within the sect. Thus personally admits it having boxed, on behalf of the Church of Scientologie, of the astronomical sums, and to have even accompanied by the followers in power to their banking agency so that they request a loan there...

But these practices hardly move Molina Marie-Angel. For it, " spiritual freedom is not a question of money. It deserves that one devotes to it what one wants to devote to it ".


A contract of a billion years


" the scientologists are extremely honest people and the Church is a place where one smells oneself well. Nothing made there without self-determination people ", add it, while conceding that "il had errors there ".

Emmanuelle Aulagnier, 32 years, girl of good family and partner of a doctor scientologist, does not say other thing. As much, it came " by chance " in Scientologie by discovering the writings from Ron Hubbard.

" I realize that what we did to certain people was monstrous ", admits it however by referring to the sessions of formation and hearings who led certain followers to the nervous breakdown, even at the psychiatric hospital.

Isabelle Archer, 35 years, is it also member of the sect and asserts high it and strong. **time-out** its role in the business have a connotation particular, insofar as it occupy at the time of fact of very high responsibility in the sect and have make make a investigation on the magistrate in load of file which him be worth to appear today.

According to the deposition of a follower in charge of this mission, Isabelle Archer wanted " to make pressure " on the judges.

In the absence of Sylvie Musset, 36 years, reserve in the United States " for medical reason ", Michele Horse, 45 years, is the last warned to be heard by the court.

With Domenica Pons, it is only to have taken the its distances with the Church of Scientologie. But she seems nothing to regret and is convinced to have fulfilled carefully its mission of listener.

Among the " audited " members by Michele Cheval appears in particular Raymond Scapillato, who constituted civil part. This former contractor in 55 years electricity came to tell with the bar the family and financial drama in which plunged its experiment scientologist.

A drama which also lived Jean-Jacques Greneron, 39 years, which had joined the sect after having read in the press a small advertisement letting to him expect an employment. Employment that it never had, even if the persons in charge of Scientologie made him sign in 1989 a contract... of a billion years! / TC/EJ



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