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Wednesday September 22, 1999, 12h37

France - expert-psychiatrists denounce Scientologie
By Thierry Cayol

MARSEILLES, September 22 - expert-psychiatrists denounced the action of the Church of Scientologie, of which seven persons in charge and members have been judged for Monday in front of the correctional court of Marseilles.

Tuesday evening, Doctor Jean-Marie Abgrall, member of the interdepartmental Mission of fight against the sects, launched out in a true indictment against Scientologie, arranged among the sects by a report/ratio of the national Assembly.

After having asked the court to take note owing to the fact that prevented the Isabelle Acher, person in charge of the antenna inhabitant of Saint-Etienne of the Church of Scientologie, had shown it with the bar of " falsifications ", Doctor Abgrall fustigated the " fable scientologist ". [...cuts...]

According to him, the activities of the Church scientologist are " a huge hoax ".

The doctor in addition peeled the system of " conditioning ", of which are victims, in his eyes, the followers and the targets potential, preferably rich, of the Church of Scientologie.

Wednesday, Doctor Roger Franck, also expert-psychiatrist, lengthily evoked the nature of the products prescribed with the followers.

For him, " the whole of the components of the managed products (generally of the vitamins added with hot vinegar...) do not have any therapeutic indication, and the prescribed amounts sometimes largely exceed the amounts recommended, which can represent a toxic risk ".

For the expert, within the Church of Scientologie, " in fact the drugs have a psychotropic effect but a system based on an emotional and psychological interaction, a quasi religious system ".

The scientologists assert this religious vocation but Doctor Franck was pressed on documents seized in the " missions " of Nice and Marseilles to dispute it.

" Certain documents of internal use insisted on the need for ensuring a commercial output. It was firstly necessary to sell the hardware (books, electrometers) and the services with the public ", specified the expert, according to whom, " at any time, in the police interrogations of prevented, one does not foresee something which has a relationship with the faith ".


" the religion connects, the sect divides "


For the Toulouse psychiatrist, " under pretext of care, the scientology facilitates the relapse at people who cross one difficult moment and proposes then an accompaniment ".

Moreover, Doctor Franck was persuaded that " what was collected during 'auditions' followers could not be used by people (in the event some prevented) which are not informed any ".

Consequently, " the programs suggested could not be credible. The subjects were under the influence of a neurosis of repetition ", ensured the doctor.

He went still further while ensuring than " the recourse to the religion in the moments of suffering creates a risk of alienation ". Several of the followers of Scientologie underwent besides nervous breakdowns or finished in psychiatric hospital.

" Etymologiquement, the religion connects whereas the sect divides the social and family links and makes so that weakened subjects can give always more money ", concluded the expert-psychiatrist.

These overpowering depositions of Doctor Abgrall and Franck relegated to the second plan those of the witnesses of defense.

Quoted by one of principal prevented, Molina Marie-Angel, " highly skilled professor of social anthropology in the Sorbonne ", came to explain the historical links existing between any religion and the money.

" Any gift supposes another gift. If you do not pay, the beneficial effects will not come. The communities cannot exist that if there is a very strong engagement their members and the setting joint their goods ", declared the anthropologist.

It then launched out in a speech on the swindles made by Judas, which was worth to him to be stopped by the prosecutor, who pointed out to him that in the species " there is regulation ".

Other witnesses briefly came to testify in favour of prevented, like George Tosiello, a former delinquent 39 years niçois, come to explain that it had been able " to restore (its) moral " thanks to Xavier Delamare, the main thing prevented with the lawsuit.

Wednesday afternoon, the lawsuit will enter its final phase with the indictment of the prosecutor Danielle Drouy-Ayral and the first pleadings. / TC/HF



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