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AP Sept. 22, 1999

Lawyer Seeks Scientologist Sentence

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MARSEILLE, France (AP) - A prosecutor sought 2- to 3-year prison terms on Wednesday for six members of the Church of Scientology on trial in France for fraud, and called the organization a "monster that devours" its followers' money.

Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Drouy-Ayral referred to the main defendant, Xavier Delamare, as a "parasite" living at the expense of Scientology offices in Marseille and Nice. Drouy-Ayral asked the court to convict Delamare and punish him with a 3-year prison term, with 18 months suspended, and the equivalent of a $32,000 fine.


He sought two-year suspended prison terms against the five female defendants, one of whom has since left the Church of Scientology.

Drouy-Ayral asked that the court use its own judgment in deciding the fate of a seventh defendant who denounced the Church of Scientology as a "swindle" after three months as a member.


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