Scientology Crime Syndicate

AP Sept. 23, 1999

Fraud Trial for Scientologists Ends

.c The Associated Press

MARSEILLE, France (AP) - The fraud trial of seven Scientologists concluded Thursday with the defense asking the court to ignore the anti- Scientology rhetoric strong in France.

In a 90-minute plea, attorney Jean-Yves Le Borgne urged the judges to "escape the media and political pressures that denounce Scientology and the danger it represents."

The defense asked that all charges be dropped.


Le Borgne argued, though, that "fraud cannot exist in the domain of religion." -- [How's that for the amazingly stupid claim of the century? FLR]

The assistant prosecutor argued Wednesday for up to three years in prison for six church members. He asked the court to use its own judgment on the seventh Scientologist, who denounced the church after three months as a member.

The assistant prosecutor refused to debate about whether Scientology was a religion, comparing the Church of Scientology to "an octopus, a monster that devours the money of its followers."



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