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Preliminary Investigation against Scientology in Paris continues

Paris, France
September 29, 1999
Paris, France

Paris (dpa) - In Paris, the preliminary investigation against the Scientology Organization for suspicion of fraud and possible illegal practice of medicine is being continued by Judge Marie-Paule Moracchini. This was decided by an appeals court on Wednesday in Paris. The future of the preliminary investigation had been in limbo. The subject party had made an application to the state court for the case to be dropped on account of "inactivity" by the judge. Meanwhile important documents in the case had disappeared a year ago. The investigation has been going on, with occasional interruptions, since 1989.

On November 15, Judgment will be pronounced in a trial being conducted in Marseille against seven members of the Scientology Organization for fraud. Court documents for that process had been mistakenly destroyed by a records official, according to an investigation by the Justice Ministry in Paris.


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