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This is an extremely important development, in that there is now a cross-border legal case opening in Belgium at the same time as two trials are going on in France. To the extent that it becomes seen as a Europe-wide problem, the harder it will be for the "Church" to conceal their activities. The current European commission has recently set forth protection of the consumer against cross-border fraud to be a top priority, and having a delusional American UFO cult as a whipping boy would suit them fine.

What the hell have Miscavige and company been doing while this "Hill 10" has been developing? I can't believe what a pack of cowards and weaklings they must be to have been so utterly ineffective at preventing these cases from coming to a head. At the very least, they could have had Travolta forbid distribution of his films in Europe until the various governments apologise. After the Dutroux and other scandals, everyone in Europe knows that the Belgian justice system is falling apart, yet the leaders of the "Church" can't even manage to make a few volumes of evidence disappear anymore. What do they think is going to happen if Heber's case re-opens in Spain while all this is going on?

>> October 1, 1999
>> FRONTPAGE LEAD: Brussels Judge Jean-Claude Van Espen launches raids in
>> Belgium and France at 25 commercial and related sites of the Church of
>> Scientology of Belgium as part of an investigation into finances.
>> http://fr.news.yahoo.com/990930/5/6i2t.html


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