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To: David Miscavige,

The raids in Belgium and France yesterday raise a serious issue that I would like to address with you. I am posting this to a.r.s. for two reasons: 1) I know my letter will reach you this way, and 2) I have become aware recently that a large number of current (as well as former) Scientologists read this newsgroup. I am hoping that you will reaize how many current and former Scientologists are thinking exactly the same thing I am, and that you will take this opportunity to make a public announcement to all of us via a.r.s.

Back in 1981, you took over the Guardian's Office and pronounced all of the Guardian's Office staff members "GO criminals." You personally removed Mary Sue Hubbard from her position in Scientology, and you and your CMO missionaires -- Vicki Aznaran, Marion Dendiu, Janadair Swanson, et al -- kicked all the other people off staff who were related in any way whatsoever to the Snow White actions that caused the 1977 raids.

At that time you made it clear publicly that you considered Mary Sue Hubbard and her Guardian's Office executives and operatives to be rogues and renegades, totally unqualified to be staff members of any Scientology organization. Privately you said many times that the people who were responsible should have resigned immediately from all of their staff positions in Scientology when those raids occurred. You said that if they had done so it would have saved Scientology many hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and would have shown the world that the leadership of Scientology was willing to take responsibility for its actions.

My point is this, David:

Since you have assumeed the resposibilities that Mary Sue used to have and more, it is clearly you who are responsible for these raids in Belgium -- raids that are even more far-reaching than the 1977 raids in the U.S. Now it is you and your key RTC and OSA executives who are the "rogues and renegades" that have caused this raid -- an even worse threat to Scientology than the Guardian's Office ever caused.

Do you see what I am getting at here, David? Has any ethics officer had the courage to say to you what is surely on the minds of every Sea Org member in RTC, CMO Int, Gold, OSA Int, Flag and the CMO? Do you realize that Scientologists all over the world are having the same thought today, David?

You and your responsible executives should resign from your positions in all Scientology organizations. You should do so immediately and make a public announcement that you are resigning to be able to handle your personal out-ethics that led to this catastophe for Scientology.

You and all of the people who have carried out orders for you that have led to this threat to Scientology's very existence should resign.

If you truly have Scientology's best interests at heart, David, this is what you will do.

The whole world is watching you, David.

Stacy Brooks


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