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Scientology calls Belgian police raid "witch-hunt"

By Saskia Stegeman
Copyright 1999 Reuters Limited.

BRUSSELS, Oct 1 (Reuters) - The Church of Scientology on Friday condemned Belgian police raids on more than a score of church-related sites, calling them "a modern-day witch-hunt."

Belgian police on Thursday seized what were described as "truck loads" of documents during raids throughout Belgium of 25 offices and homes of Scientology members, Josef Colpin, a spokesman for the Public Prosecutor's Office, told Reuters.

Colpin said the raids were part of an investigation into alleged racketeering and fraud.


Colpin said Thursday's raids were part of a probe into the financial activities and structure of the Church of Scientology of Belgium started in early 1997 after a member alleged he had been swindled.

He said several members were questioned on Thursday but there were no arrests.


Colpin said police raids were also carried out on Thursday at Scientology sites in Paris at the request of Belgian authorities. They were separate from a fraud probe already being held in France, he said.

More international raids -- including in Luxembourg, where Scientology deposits the funds for its Belgian activities -- could be requested, depending on evidence found in the documents seized, Colpin said.

12:04 10-01-99


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