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According to the president of the interdepartmental mission

Should "be dissolved the sects dangeureuses"

Alain Vivien estimates that Scientologie "is a totalitarian movement".

President of the interdepartmental Mission of fight against the sects (Millets), the former minister Alain Vivien must submit before the end of the year a report to the Prime Minister, with a series of proposals aiming at improving the effectiveness of the fight against the sects.

THE BARBER: Etes you for the prohibition of the sects?

Alain Vivien: Certainly not. Associations are formed freely in France. A prohibition would not be in conformity with the French right. In addition, I refuse to evoke the " sects " in the plural. That wants nothing to say. It is necessary to study the movements with individually, and to take care not to make amalgams. That being, I recognize that there exists, in France, of the sects extremely dangerous, whose dissolution is possible. No prohibition, but dissolution.

- Which?

- One can think of the Church of scientology or the Command of the solar Temple (OTS), but also with other sects, less known and quite as dangerous.

- How to dissolve a sect?

- While using, in particular, the law of January 10, 1936 on the dissolution of the groups of combat and the private militia. This text was used for the dissolution of the SAC, the civic service of action, whose mafieuses drifts were to be sanctioned. It is, to my knowledge, the last case of use of this law. And due. It is necessary that offences of a very great gravity were made. Dissolution is pronounced by a Presidential decree of the Republic, signed in the Council of Ministers. It is thus about a political decision. Us, with the Millets, one can only propose solutions.

- is Scientologie so dangerous that it is said?

- Yes. It nevertheless died there of man in a business implying this sect. For us, Scientologie forms part of the sects very dangerous. It is a totalitarian movement which seeks to found an elite which reigns on the remainder of humanity, called to become " happy slaves ", according to terms' of Ron Hubbard. In addition, Scientologie does not function on a democratic mode. The ranks of the followers are allotted according to goodwill seat of the sect, in Los Angeles. There is neither respect of the law and order nor transparency of management. In short, that has nothing to do with associative operation or French cultuel.

- do you Think the Church of scientology able to infiltrate the legal mediums?

- All is possible. Two investigations intern are in hand in Paris and Marseilles. But it is certain that large the sects, like Scientologie, seek to introduce their followers within the administration and of the private companies. The scientologists succeeded, says one, to infiltrate the cabinet of a former president of the Republic without that being never contradicted. One also speaks about an attempt at infiltration to the general direction of the armament or the Raid. It is nothing! Justice is not a particular body in the State, even if the legal authority has a specific function.

- the recent businesses of disappearance of parts in Marseilles and Paris would be they revealing attempts at infiltration?

- One can legitimately question oneself. In Marseilles, perhaps is it about a large error. Or, on the contrary, of a very great skill. One could very well try to embed a destruction of parts in a mass of seals to be destroyed, by thinking that nobody would see anything. In Paris, where the business is more serious, I note that the public ministry required in front of the court of criminal appeal that one deprive judge Marie-Paule Moracchini. However, the parquet floor does not engage in an operation of dispossession without arguments. That appears obvious. I make a point of adding to these two businesses a third, which one has tendency to forget: the suspect visit of the computer of the old Observatory on the sects. The complaint deposited did not take an action pursuant. One remains with a question mark.

- isn't Scientologie in right to answer only one it diabolise by allotting capacities to him which it does not have?

- You know, in the sects, one has the right to lie. It is enough to read again the directives of Ron Hubbard published of sound living and in particular what it calls That" blackpropaganda ". consists in demolishing the adversaries of Scientologie by personal attacks, by collecting information being able to harm to these people. There is well there a will to denature reality to serve a totalitarian cause.

Remarks collected by Alexandrine BOUILHET


Scientologie cleared in Marseilles

The inspection carried out by the ministry for Justice to the County Court of Marseilles confirmed that the disappearance of exhibits in a file on the Church of Scientologie resulted from an administrative error, announced, September 15, Elisabeth Guigou. "I received yesterday a survey of the Clerc's Offices which confirms that it is about an error which has occurred because of a confusion *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***", a déclaré le ministre de la Justice.

L'inspection générale des services judiciaires, qui a mené l'enquête, a confirmé la version des faits fournie par le procureur de Marseille. Les scellés ont été détruits par le greffe parce qu'il pensait que la décision de renvoi de l'affaire devant un tribunal, survenue en 1995, constituait un jugement définitif. L'examen de ce dossier a commencé le 20 septembre devant le tribunal correctionnel de Marseille. Sept personnes, membres de l'Eglise de Scientologie, comparaissent pour "escroquerie et exercice illégal de la médecine".

Le ministre de la Justice a cependant ajouté qu'elle avait demandé des compléments d'information sur une autre affaire de disparition de pièces dans un dossier concernant la Scientologie, à Paris cette fois. &laqno; Dans cette affaire, il n'y a pas de conclusion définitive sur les responsabilités », a dit Elisabeth Guigou. Elle a ajouté qu'il ne pouvait s'agir d'une erreur, puisque ce sont là des pièces du dossier original proprement dit, aux mains du seul juge d'instruction, qui ont disparu, et non des scellés.

Dans cette affaire où une quinzaine de membres de l'Eglise de scientologie sont poursuivis pour "escroquerie" ou "exercice illégal de la médecine", les parties civiles avaient constaté le 12 octobre la disparition d'un tome et demi du dossier conduit par le juge Marie-Paule Moracchini.

Les avocats de la Scientologie ont demandé l'annulation de la procédure, mais le 24 juin, le parquet général de Paris a demandé la poursuite de l'enquête et le dessaisissement du juge Moracchini. La chambre d'accusation de la Cour d'appel rendra sa décision le 29 septembre. A la suite de ces affaires, Raymond Forni, premier vice-président socialiste de l'Assemblée nationale, avait évoqué une "infiltration" des milieux judiciaires par la Scientologie.

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