Scientology Crime Syndicate

Scientology was covered in a 12 minutes segment on Danish TV2 Sunday Oct 3 1999, under the heading 'Scientology - religion or money machine?'

Video online, in Danish only: http://nyhederne.tv2.dk/dagsdato.asp?id=229&video=5660

Scientology has applied for recognition as a religion in Denmark, and the matter should be decided on this year.

There are only interviews with Scientologists here, no critics in sight. Interior clips from AOSH EU, and other Danish CoS locations. Danish PR Anette Refstrup and other OSA people (Heidi, Erik) are interviewed.

Despite this, the program doesn't give a very flattering image of the CoS. The reporter asks some clever questions, the money issue is stressed. He also asks why Scientology seems to be so self-centered, what about other people? etc.

Absolute highlight: the OT8 mission holder of Silkeborg claims outright that she can raise people from the dead!


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