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Brussels, Belgium
October 1, 1999

Scientology files confiscated in Belgium

Brussels, October 1 (AFP) - The police have confiscated thousands of files on members of the Scientology organization in Belgium. As related by a speaker from the state attorney's office in Brussels on Friday, Scientology bookkeeping documents had been also been secured on the day previous to the search and seizure.

According to the statement, no charges were immediately placed. Several suspects were interrogated and later released.

At the request of the Belgian authorities, raids had also taken place in Paris. According to the Brussels state attorney's office, the confiscated documents contained confidential statements about members of the organization. This is the first time the Belgian justice department has proceeded against the sect on a large scale basis since it established residence in the country in 1974.

Prior to this, a charge of fraud had been filed by a former Scientology adherent who had lost a portion of her fortune to Scientology. The Belgian newspaper "Le Soir" reported that at least five bank accounts had been opened in Luxemburg which had a connection to the Scientology organization.

90 million marks were said to have been deposited in one in 1993. This account had been divided into 15 sub-accounts, with names like "Tor" for Toronto, "Toky" for Tokyo, "Los" for Los Angeles and "Cura" for Curacao zin the Dutch Antilles.

This was said to be legal, however, it aroused the suspicion that Scientology had intended on concealing its worldwide financial structure, continued the newspaper. Belgium is "obligated" to also look into the finances of the sect via Luxemburg.


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