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>> On 06 Oct 1999 01:30:48 GMT, jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB) wrote:

>> Reports on the alleged raids on Scientolgoy centers in Belgium have been too
>> sketchy. I would think that if, in fact, these raids did take place, this
>> would be a major news item which would be reported in the media. All that I
>> have seen are a couple of reports which do not seem to be authentic.
>> Does anyone know if these raids did take place and where have they been
>> reported in the media?

In article <j137N2XEr62hPFrkSWbks3WmtheN@4ax.com>, Grady says...

> Yes, they did happen. Arrests and seizure of records. > Accounts at Kredit Luxembourg Bank being investigated.

Very good! When I was in the Sea Org cult's "Treasury Division" of the "Church" of Scientology of California - The American Saint Hill Organization, I used to prepare the checks used to transfer large sums of money from the cult's bank accounts in LA into an overseas "reserve account" at the Kreditbank in Luxembourg. I can recall writing checks drawn from the "Church" of Scientology of California American Saint Hill Organization Reserve Account" for amounts up to $240,000 at one time.

Over a brief period in time, I participated in the transfer of close to two million dollars into the cult's account at the Kreditbank Luxembourg. The funds were transferred _from_ the cult's "reserve account" (at the Mitsubishi Bank in LA, I believe) _to_ an account at the Kreditbank in Luxembourg.

These transfers were occurring as far back as 20-22 years ago. And some of the Guardian Office staff who were involved in the scam are still working for $cientology. I know this because their names have appeared in various cult publications.

See http://www.entheta.org/entheta/1stpersn/warrior/


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