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Tilman Hausherr wrote in message ...

> This is no joke: the Belgian raid is still going on, according to the
> belgian paper "Le Soir", and it might as well take up to two weeks.
> Entire offices have been sealed, until law enforcement will have the
> time to make a thorough search.
> Is Xenu powerful or what?! Resistance is useless!

And by the same token, the weakness, cowardace, and incompetence of the "Church" in this affair is stunnng. Beyond the fraud and swindle that "pulled in" the investigation, they are certain to be faced with *thousands* of counts of illegal retention of private personal data, and the laying bare of their bank accounts and transfers between shell companies is likely to bring about multi-national charges of money laundering and tax evasion. And what are they doing? They are whingeing feebly and whimpering about "witch hunts" and "religious persecution", and no one, no one in Europe is listening to them. Where are the OT's? Where is the influence on the US government? Why aren't Travolta and Cruse at the forefront of a call for the declaration of war on Belgium? Why can't the OSA blackmail the Belgian police, when a simple deranged pedophile was able to outsmart them two years ago? Is the *entire* leadership of Scientology[tm] lolling about in a stupor, swilling DHMO? Pathetic.


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