Date: Saturday, October 24, 1998 2:40 PM

The NBC website doesn't yet have a description of the Tuesday Dateline program, but TV Guide says:

Dateline NBC
Tuesday,10pm Eastern

Scheduled: an hour-long report on the psychiatric treatment received by a suspected victim of multiple-personality disorder at a Chicago hospital. Included: interviews with the patient, her children and hospital representatives.

The patient is Pat Burgus, the hospital is Rush-Presbyterian and the chief psychiatrist was Dr. Bennett Braun.

The PBS website does have a description of the Tuesday Frontline program:

Frontline PBS
The Child Terror

In the midst of a sudden willingness to believe that children were being ritually abused in day-care centers during the 1980s, parents, police, prosecutors, and the press turned Miami, Florida, into ground zero for a new way of convicting alleged child molesters. Led by Florida's then-prosecuting attorney, Janet Reno, alleged abusers were relentlessly pursued and convicted with a zeal unmatched in the nation. Today, as some of Reno's celebrated cases seem to be unraveling, FRONTLINE correspondent Peter J. Boyer examines the convictions that were a stunning triumph for the crusading prosecuting attorney and created an emerging political model that would be emulated by prosecutors across the country.

( http://www.pbs.org/whatson/1998/10/descriptions/FRON.html)

Most PBS stations show Frontline at 9pm Eastern, but there are those that delay it an hour (e.g. in Philadelphia). Check local schedules.


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