Here's Robert trying to get a straight answer from David. As you might guess after reviewing the um, unusually polite request, David has spent a great deal of effort so far avoiding answering the embarrassing question. The little problem of lacking evidence for deeply-held deity constructs tends to provoke sullen silence from most theists.

rc> Do you, David Muir, have any evidence to support the claim
rd> that a god exists outside human imagination?

dm> I said yes, I believe that there is evidence.

Robert Curry:
David, please pay attention. Lean over, grab your ears firmly with each hand, and pull your head gently out of your ass. Now listen up. I did not ask if you believe there is evidence.

You believe all sorts of nonsense without thinking, gullible child.

The question is this: Do you, David Muir, actually have any evidence that a god exists outside human imagination?

Kindly read the question until you understand it, and then answer it directly. I'm not interested in what you merely believe. Here, I will even make this a bit easier by providing multiple choice answers for you. Pick one now, or provide one of your own:

[ ] A. Yes, Robert, I _have_ evidence that I can substantiate.

[ ] B. No, Robert, all I have is belief in my belief, faith in my faith, and belief and faith that the evidence exists (just like my belief and faith that a god exists outside imagination). Briefly, no, I don't have a shred of evidence myself. But I'm the best little sheep in my flock when it comes to blind faith and traditional superstitious beliefs. Baaaaaa! Fleece me, Father, for I am gullible.

[ ] C. Sorry, Robert, I'm too stupid to understand the question.

[ ] D. Go away and leave me alone, because I will never answer the question you asked. My religion teaches me to evade questions about evidence, and you will never get an honest and direct answer from me, Robert. I hate you and I hate your question and you are going to burn in hell because Jesus loves you that much.

[ ] E. <crickets chirping>


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