From: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@raids.org>
To: "Abbey Stephens" <brio81@airmail.net>
Subject: just a thought (But not your own, I would bet.)
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 15:15:29 -0700

At 13:25 7/2/98 -0500, Abbey Stephens wrote:

as> I was looking for some creationist pages in yahoo when i
as> came across your page.

Ah, good. There are a number of universities which have bookmarked a set of web pages here at The Skeptic Tank which were written by Dr. Marty Leipzig. Hopefully you've encountered at least one of those pages as they are highly informative and educational.

And they say that, for the most part, atheists do no good things. }:-}

as> I suppose you did all the research in the bible yourself?

There doesn't appear to be any research in any of the Christian Bibles.

To which Bible do you refer to and to which chapter and verse? It would be quite interesting to check the validity of this "research" that does not appear in anyone else's Bibles.

as> I'm only 16 so I doubt am intelligent enough to argue with
as> you on your beliefs against the bible

"The audacity of the arrogance of youth must be mitigated by the inexperience of youth." Make a guess who said that.

In actual fact all Christian Bibles are self-evidently merely mythology. It would be something of a blasphemy to attribute the myths to deities, you know.

as> and christians

Such as Jimmy Swaggart, Adolf Hitler, David Duke, Pat Robertson?

as> but it's refreshing to see an athiest

Most 16-year-olds who are "intelligent enough to argue with" me know how to spell the word "atheist." They also know when to capitalize the word "Bible," I might add. It may be possible for you to get out of your parent's cult and get to a school which teaches English and proper spelling. I can assist you in walking away if you ask.

as> who tried to put "facts" behind his belief.

Which belief, specifically, are you claiming I have? Be specific, please.

Thanks in advance.

as> What happened, just out of curiousity, that lead to
as> you to this conclusion of a God-less world?

The lack of deities was a dead giveaway. <chuckle> Curiously it's also the same method for "leading to the conclusion" that Earth is also a pixie-less world, a vampire-less world, a warewolf-less world, et al.

as> There must be a personal experience of this behind you some where, right?

You have concocted an imaginary belief and then sought to attribute your own creation to your betters.

as> *abbey*

I might suggest that you actually find a Christian Bible and read it.


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