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Miss X Files #9 Toothaches, arthritis, lumbago, stoves, ashtrays and pyramids!
Beverly Rice <dbj1120@ao.net>
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:34:52 -0400

The following claims are from Professional Auditor's Bulletin No. 123, 1 November 1957, "THE REALITY SCALE" by L. Ron Hubbard:

Begin Fair Use Extract

"I want to talk to you about the Reality Scale and the whys and wherefores of Hand Contact Mimicry." [first paragraph]

"For a very, very long time we had the ARC Triangle. We had Affinity and Reality, and afterwards had Communication. ...by processing with communication we could do some astonishing things." [second paragraph]

"Two-way communication: Pc has a problem, you make him talk about it. If you don't go to a point where you excessively reduce his havingness, he will have a tendency to desensitize on the problem." [third paragraph]

"Now we get this fellow. He has no reality on Scientology, but he's got a toothache. We have him say 'Hello' to the tooth, have the tooth say 'Okay' to that hello. Have the tooth say 'Hello' to him, and have him say 'Okay' to the tooth. Which makes a two-way comm[unication]. Have him do this a few times and the toothache goes - poof!" [sixth paragraph]

"We take a heavier mass than this, like an arthritic leg. Arthritis is a ridge illness, and therefore you go up and down the ridge and you've got it made. We can make him get rid of his arthritis even by simply putting him in apathy about it. You could hammer and pound him until he was sitting there very, very quietly and unable to wiggle in any way, and he wouldn't feel his arthritis. Well, he wouldn't feel anything else either." [seventh paragraph]

"Let's say somebody's afraid of a stove. Have him say 'Hello' to the stove, and have the stove say 'Okay.' Have the stove say 'Hello' to him, and have him say 'Okay' to the stove. After a while he won't have any fear of touching the stove. Oddly enough he will receive less effect from the stove even if hot. That is quite important. It tells you that the body does not naturally lend itself to injury, but injury takes place only in a highly aberrated condition. You should be able to take a body and throw it up against the wall hard enough to crush its skull in, have it drop to the floor, stand and walk away - providing you aren't holding in suspension the image picture of its hitting the wall and being injured." [eighth paragraph]

"Now I'll give you an example of that. I want you to look at this ashtray. Now I'm going to raise this ashtray and I'm going to put it back on the desk. Is that action now in existence? Where? You've got some pictures of it haven't you? The universe doesn't make things survive. Only YOU make things survive. And this is: you are holding this engram in restimulation, which permits it to have an effect." [ninth paragraph]

"People like to look at the Pyramids. Why? Well, the person is surviving and evidently the Pyramids are surviving, so there is a medium of interchange. A thetan looking at a solid is much happier if the solid is surviving. If this solid has duration, then the thetan can have a means of communication between himself and the solid, in spite of the fact that the thetan can't be solid." [tenth paragraph]

"...solids which suddenly diaappear are quite curious to a thetan. Hence we like magic shows and such things." [twelfth paragraph]

"Sound is another aspect of communication which is fabulous. You realize, the first sounds were evidently those which accompanied explosions or destructive actions. Electronic particles traveling through space will carry with them sound, even in the absence of air." [sixteenth paragraph]

"You get this person selling you a beautiful bill of goods - because there's nothing there - that he's in a postulating condition. ... Such a person is liable to tell you, 'My thoughts affect things thousands of miles away.' It's true that an OT can affect something thousands of miles away. But he isn't an OT, he's got lumbago. OTs don't have lumbago." [twenty ninth paragraph]

End Fair Use Extract
I find it incredibly hilarious that LRH made the above claims:

I will post more of Hubbard's outrageous claims in the near future. In my opinion, Hubbard's "religious philosophy" is full of the most insanely absurd claims.

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