Scientology Crime Syndicate

Mr. Safe is a Scientologist who has participated in public discussions around the Internet for several years. Because he's a Scientologist and an honest person, and acknowledges the criminal basis of the Church of Scientology, the Scientology crime syndicate had, for all the years that Mr. Safe had been speaking publically, tried to learn his identity so they could silence him. Since Mr. Safe never posted his real name, the criminal cult couldn't hurt him.

All that changed when one of the crime syndicate's crime bosses used the Millinnium Copyright Act and unconstitutionally issued a subpoena -- which no Judge signed and which made only vague allegations with no supporting evidence whatsoever -- to AT&T, Mr. Safe's ISP, demanding his identity.

AT&T's legal departments were heavily flooded with telephone calls, FAXes, and personal visits, all of which presented to AT&T documented evidence which proved conclusivedly that they would be putting Mr. Safe's life in danger by informing the criminal cult about who Mr. Safe is. The criminal cult provided the glut of evidence themselves, in fact, in the form of hate flyers that the Church of Scientology's crime bosses orders their followers to post around the homes and businesses of their victims (many of which had filed criminal and civil complaints against the crime syndicate.)

AT&T's legal department's voice mail and e-mail filled up until neither could take any more. Their FAX machine was taken off line for some reason, probably because too many people from around the world flooded them with court documents and evidence of the crime syndicate's racketeering history. In short, it was AT&T's biggest public confrontation regarding one single individual in the history of the telecommunications company.

AT&T merely ignored the evidence entirely and, like good little Nazi's, handed Mr. Safe over to the executioners without qualms nor conscience. By this time, however, various chapters of the ACLU had gotten involved, and many other civil and Constitutional rights organizations had been contacted and gotten involved. Additionally, Federal agencies were keyed up in and around various geographical areas prior to the crime syndicate getting Mr. Safe's name and address. More importantly, the crime bosses which engaged in this crime were apparently informed by various agencies that they would face felony indictments if they did anything criminal with the information AT&T gave them.

The Scientology crime syndicate found itself hamstrung. They could not take care of Mr. Safe quietly and anonymously any more. More: They could not sue him for copyright infringement since no copyright infringement took place; the crime syndicate lied. By the time the criminal cult was given his identity, several newspapers around the United States had contacted Mr. Safe and a large number of civil and Constitutional rights groups had stepped between the Scientology crime syndicate and Mr. Safe to keep him safe.

So, like criminals the world over, the Scientology crime syndicate was forced to retreat when confronted with massive public exposure. And that's the way this criminal organization will finally be destroyed: through public dissemination of the felony racketeering that the crime syndicate engages in.

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